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  1. W

    Question Strange decrease in monitor refresh rate ?

    Could anybody help me out with this? I was playing at 1920x1080@144Hz for the last 2 months and 2 days ago something happened that made it max out at 1920x1080@120Hz. My CPU is an i5-11400H with a UHD 630 iGPU. The iGPU set a limit at exactly 297MHz output and currently maxes out at 131Hz when...
  2. W

    Question Intel UHD Graphics no longer supports 144Hz?

    2 Months ago I got my new laptop + external monitor and connected them, 144Hz worked without an issue through HDMI, and yesterday for an unknown reason the 144Hz is completely gone, only 120Hz remains, I have not changed anything about my setup since then and I don't see why that would happen...
  3. Gamefreaknet

    Question Will running my CPU at 70% - 80% usage reduce effective use lifespan?

    I have recently gotten into stuff like Crypto and decided that I will use both my Laptops for mining however whilst my first laptop is fine as I can use its dedicated GPU (RTX 2070 Max-Q) I am running on my other laptop a mining software which uses the CPU for mining Crypto instead. The laptop...
  4. V

    [SOLVED] Upgrading my i5-9600k ?

    I want to upgrade my CPU, i am trying to decide between an i5-12600k and the Ryzen 7 5700X 'cos I'm getting mixed info on which is better for gaming. I am currently gaming on 1080p at 240hz. Current PC build: AMD RX 5700xt XFX 32 GB 3600MHZ XPG RAM Corsair H100i Pro Xt water cooler i5-9600k...
  5. huy756006

    [SOLVED] Can it run my system?

    I Have 450w psu (acbel) and it doesn't have 80 plus.i calculated its power to be around 335w.Can it run my system? Gig h61 ds2 rev4.0 8gb ddr3 single channel Msi Gtx 960 128gb ssd 500gb hdd I5 3570 Help :D
  6. Rokie34Onli

    [SOLVED] Need Help Undervolting 10600k desktop CPU

    CPU - 10600K MBOARD - MSI MAG B460 Mortar WIFI GPU - gigabyte RTX 3060 12 GB NON LHR Ram - CORSAIR Value Select 8GB 2400 MHz PSU - Cool Master 650 Watt CPU COOLER - HYPER 212 EVO Idle temps are 40c 42c How to undervolt my CPU its reaching 80 peak and hovering on 72 when i play RED DEAD 2 and...
  7. B

    [SOLVED] please help with cpu cooling issues/gpu clock issues

    Hi, I've been having performance issues on my computer due to CPU and GPU problems (I think) 5 days ago, I was playing cod at 10fps, compared to the 120+ i had just over a month ago. Since then, i've fixed some problems with my gpu and cpu, but I havent been able to get back to my normal fps. I...
  8. huy756006

    [SOLVED] Help me bro.👍

    Hi.Let me ask is between Geforce 210 (gigabyte Geforce210 1gb rev 6.0) and intel hd2500 (i5 3570) which is more powerful ?, I use 8gb ram ddr3 bus 1600mhz (single channel)
  9. A

    Question BSOD + No Post

    Hello guys, I've just upgraded my setup with intel 12700k , ASUS rog z690-a D4 mother board since day one im facing problems random BSOD i searched google people say its problem with XMP profile i updated my bios several time with bios update on asus website still same problem I disabled...
  10. willt876

    Question I9-10850k IHS LID Question

    Hello all recently purchased a i9-10850k and it came with a random ihs lid. Turns out the lid it came with is a intel celeron G5900 which seems to be the same socket and same type. will this work or is it too thick for my motherboard? Seems to be a little rougher than normal to put it in the...
  11. Corn Eggs

    [SOLVED] CPU keeps overheating and shutting down after a few minutes

    Hey everyone, So this is my first time building a pc, so I mostly picked out parts that were under my budget. My specs are Motherboard: MSI B450 GAMING PLUS MAX AM4 AMD B450 SATA 6Gb/s ATX AMD Motherboard SSD: Intel 660p Series M.2 2280 1TB PCIe NVMe 3.0 x4 3D2, QLC Internal Solid State Drive...
  12. marshal_Oga

    [SOLVED] Intel or AMD

    Hello everyone. I want to build a new PC and I have a budget. I am a 3D artist by profession. I don't need high specs, mid range will do good. I am aiming for RTX 3060 Ti when prices come normal. I have doubt in intel i5 10400f and Ryzen 5 3600 . I have seen the benchmarks, they say that in...
  13. 2

    [SOLVED] Pc shuts down while playing games

    Greetings! I hope someone has a good idea to fix my laptop, please help :) I have an asus rog gl503vm notebook, specs: i7-7700HQ Gtx 1060Mobile 6gb 16gb ddr4 RAM It isn't overclocked. Roughly 2 months ago it started to shut down instantly during gameplay. I've run different benchmark tests, like...
  14. B

    [SOLVED] 10900k vs 11900k

    Looking to refresh my system. I'm rocking an i7-6700k and Premiere Pro and Cubase keep buckling under. Latency is way too high for me and I can't seem to get it lower. Also have 64GB of ram and a Nvidia 1060. I'm trying to decide if I should upgrade to the 10900k or wait for the 11900k. I'm...
  15. ReemK

    Question Unsupported Video Driver - After Effects

    I have an unsupported video driver for the most recent Adobe After Effects and my video driver is Intel(R) HD Graphics 620. I've already tried pressing fix and following the steps and listening to other videos but NVIDIA does not have a video driver to install for my video driver. Is there a...
  16. A

    [SOLVED] Laptop CPU temperature

    My laptop is Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 15IMH05 with Intel core i7 - 10750H and Nvidia GTX 1650 Ti, which I just purchased it 2 weeks ago. I don't know if my laptop has heating problems or is it normal, it is my first time owning a gaming laptop. But, from such a powerful CPU and GPU, and with...
  17. A

    Question How future proof is i5 2500k?

    I'm planning to upgrade to i5 2500k so you think it will handle next gen games (for like 2 years at least) if paired with 1650 super Oc or 1660? Please think and write bcz I will upgrade only if you will say 😊 Have a great day!
  18. A

    [SOLVED] Is worth spending $50 /₹3000 more on i5 3570k ss compared to i5 2500k?

    Greetings I'm planning to buy new cpu but in confused between i5 2500k and i5 3570k , but it's costs double(approx) 2500k. Which one should I get?
  19. A

    [SOLVED] Is it dangerous to use overlocked processor?

    Greetings I'm confused between i5 2500k and i5 3570, 2500k is ranked higher but I think that's because it's overlocked, help me Thanks in advance Have a great day ☺
  20. A

    [SOLVED] Is i5 3570 better than i5 2500k, without overlockimg

    Hello, I'm buying a new cpu and I'm not able to understand which one is better, the i5 3570 has higher hz but 2500K is ranked above it, in confused, can you help me. Thanks in advance.
  21. Cold2428

    [SOLVED] Need suggestions for new motherboard

    Hi. I bought hp pavilion power desktop. U can look up for specs using serial number 4CE801303Y My motherboard just fried. And new one hp is very expensive almost 400-500$ and that too will take like a month or two to get it delivered. I checked my pc parts in a shop. All parts working fine even...
  22. W

    [SOLVED] need a bit of help

    hello i have a little problem actualy i dont know if its a problem i have a dell inspirion n5110 and its runing 70-80 degres celsius i have a intel i7 2670QM 12gb of ram and a nvdia geforce gt525m graphics card its runing wery hot is it normal for these laptops to run so hot?
  23. L

    [SOLVED] Does computer with intel F series cpu displays anything without graphics card ?

    If we use a intel i5 9400F and didn't connect any graphics card and use the on board HDMI/VGA port, will it display anything or it just requires a graphics card even for displaying normal OS also?
  24. Tec Noir

    [SOLVED] Is it Smart to have 2 AIO's in one Case?

    Okay, lets show some parts to give you an idea what Im working with, and planning on doing, but the issue I have is, Will it work.... -Kraken G12 -Kraken X72 AIO (For G12 to mount on 1080ti) -MSI Duke GTX 1080ti Corsair H100I SE (For CPU) Intel Core I9 9900K NZXT H700 Case So the plan for me...
  25. WarXMachine3

    Question I wanted to know if my New Processor is fine..???

    Faulty VRM or a Shorted VRM can it kill the CPU if the Motherboard shows no signs when Trying to turn on the PC..?? Mobo - Aorus Z370 Gaming 5 Processor - i5 8400 PSU - VS450
  26. WarXMachine3

    [SOLVED] Is My CPU Dead..?

    My Motherboard dont start when I hit the power button, I have z370 Gaming 5, I5 8400, VS450, 1050ti. There no signs when I tried jumping it but the RGB which are on it blinks When I hit ON in the SMPS, But doesn't work when I jump it Additional Information I just Got my CPU replaced from Intel...
  27. ajinkys

    Question PC COMPATIBILITY CHECK RY5 3600 + 2060 SUPER + X570

    Hi Please help for compatibility check for Motherboard and Ram Also, advise any bottlenecking issues in the below build. Anything below is overkill do mention. Purpose - watching movies in 4 and playing all latest games in ultra setting. Looking to build a rig which is bit future proof...
  28. S

    Question ?

    I heard about i9 cpus are ovarheated when you overckloack it is it right ?
  29. M

    [SOLVED] Build suggestion for these two budgets 1200$ and 1800$!

    Looking for two builds on both of these budgets. RTX cards and I7 8700 preferred. Except Monitor and HDD.