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  1. Bhabesh bhoi

    Question Facing low fps in my pc

    Hey guys.. I have intel core 2 quad q8400 2.66ghz , 6gb ram, gt 710 2gb ddr3. I am facing sooo much lag spikes and freezing in my in CS GO the people who have the exact specification like mee they get such a good fps ( in 1080 low setting 40-45, in 720p 70-80fps, in 1024*765 about...
  2. L

    Cannot format Samsung EVO 840

    Hello all, I recently purchased a 250GB Samsung SSD, and have had issues with it since the moment I installed it on my desktop. The SSD is recognized, and appears in BIOS. The first issue happened the moment I tried using the - terrible - Samsung migration software. After installing the...