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    Question is it safe to keep the CPU Fan And my 3 System Fans at 100% all of the time?

    I have an i7 10700K and recently I did a bios update and after the update, the CPU fan speed changed drastically and my CPU temps were 50+ degrees Idle. I quickly went into the bios and noticed that the fan speed was set to auto. I messed around a bit with the speed and changed the CPU fan speed...
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    Question Are my I7-10700K Temperatures Good/Normal/Safe?

    Around a month ago I built a gaming pc with an i7-10700K, The CPU cooler is "Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4". and I've read that the normal/safe temperatures for CPUs nowadays are: IDLE: 30-45 Degrees Celcius. Workload: 45-65 Degrees Celcius. Gaming: 75-80-85. I've been consistently monitoring my...
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    Question Is This Cooler Good Enough For An Intel Core i7 9700K?

    Thanks in advance! Is this cooler good enough to handle an intel Core i7-9700K? CPU and cooler show 95W TDP. However, I'm worried it may get hotter. If not, what would you recommend? I will not be overclocking, but I will use Turbo boost. I don't game at all. Here is the cooler I had in...
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    Question I7 8700 or Ryzen 5 3600?

    Hi, I already bought a vega 64 (250$ with warranty - very good deal), but for now I only have a q9300 to pair it with. So, I found a deal for a i7 8700 (non k) for around 250 dollars, but should I wait a bit and get the ryzen 5 3600? I will only game on the pc, both have 6c12t, but in my county...