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  1. C

    Question Alienware m17 R3, can the I7 10750H be delidded and have Thermal Grizzly Liquid Metal applied?

    Hello, I'm writing to see if anyone knows to start off with, if you can delid the I7 10750H in an Alienware laptop. I've seen multiple delid kits sold, but none list compatability with my cpu specifically. Secondly, is liquid metal safe with this cpu if so? I wasn't sure on the ihs material...
  2. IceTokki

    Question CPU Overheating - Cant find the culprit

    So I noticed my CPU overheating to 100C and have been trying for days to figure out what it is. Here's what I know: Parts: CPU: Intel i7 9700K (not overclocked, purchased new 2019) Mobo: MSI Z390-A Pro (purchased new 2019) Cooler: NZXT Kraken X53 (purchased 2 days ago to possibly solve this...
  3. U

    Question Computer crashed and now won't boot

    Running an Asus Hero 7 motherboard, 970x GPU and i4770k CPU. It's a pretty old setup. It suddenly crashed and it won't boot. If I disconnect the GPU pins it starts up but keeps restarting at code 15 on the motherboard. If I disconnect the GPU pins and all the fans then it loads in. However the...
  4. I

    [SOLVED] Red Dead Redemption 2 Performance

    Specs: i5 7400 MSI RX 480 4GB Gaming X Gigabyte GA-H110-D3A motherboard HyperX Savage 16GB DDR4 2400Mhz CL 12 240GB Kingston A400 SSD 1TB HDD WD Blue Seasonic FOCUS Plus 80+Gold 550W PSU The game is on the SSD. So the first 30 minutes I've played with a mix between medium/high settings using...
  5. sine30degree

    Discussion Would you overclock a new CPU to its maximum on a daily use basis?

    I am just curious about this.
  6. B

    [SOLVED] i7 9700K 5.1 GHZ 1.39V AVG. - Is it safe?

    Hello! I managed to get my 9700K to 5.1 GHZ Stable on 1.39 Volts average. Maximum peaks are up to 1.44V - those are only peaks, it doesn't stay there. Temperatures are good -> 68-74C when playing CPU intensive games. Is it safe in the long term? Should I keep it like that? Thanks!
  7. A

    Question What is the best config for FL STUDIO and music production on WINDOWS?

    Hello everyone, I have Corei7 CPU with 50 GIG of Ram and I have issues when I run my project on my PC. I want to know that what is the best config for my job? Now I can't play anything cuz when I play my projects, my CPU is 100 and I can't do anything really. Please recommend something or tell...
  8. Molda_22

    [SOLVED] Are 9900k tempteratures really that extreme?

    I am building new system and i am curious if those extreme 9900k temps that people are talking about are really that crazy? Is it not possible to have reasonable temps with great air cooler and good amount of quality fans? I don't plan to overclock and if yes, then only slightly not anything...
  9. Z

    5820k vs 6700k

    So I'm trying to figure out how much faster in Sony Vegas is the 5820k than the 6700k and is it really worth it because I will honestly be gaming and Sony Vegas rendering which isn't any harsh rendering like AE and stuff like that. My question is basically how much time would the 5820k save me...
  10. H

    Best Upgrade From GTX 760?

    Hi i currently have a GTX 760 and i am thinking of upgrading to a significantly better graphics card , hoping to get better performance in some of the newer games. I'm thinking of spending around $400 but i can go up to $500 if necessary. Here are my current specs : - Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4590...
  11. R

    Computer will not stay in sleep mode

    I'm using Windows 8.1. everytime I try to put it into sleep mode it will cut on randomly if not right away. There shouldn't be any reason as to why it does this. I have tried with everything disconnected from the computer so there aren't any peripheral devices causing this. Do you think I should...
  12. A

    Cpu heat is it ok or not

    Hi guys. my cpu is core i7 2310. It is 2 years old and stock heat-sink gave rise to 97 C heat in prime 95 and 57 idle. So i bought a antec a20 heatsink now temp in prime 95 is 71 c and idle is 37 c. Is these new temps ok. is this a upgrade worth. the heat sink cost me 13 USD $. Room temp - 32.6...
  13. S

    Monetary value of GTX 780 compared to the 970

    My 780 is faulty and the retailer that sold me my prebuilt computer are willing to replace it. I have asked if they would be able to replace it with a 970. As far as I am aware, the 970, while a superior product actually costs slightly less. I see also that they now use it as standard in...