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  1. Question PC doesn't seem to recognize AMD HD 7950

    I was recently forced to do a full clean install of Windows 10. Ever since, I have been having issues getting Windows to recognize my GPU. Instead of using it, Windows 10 seems to be using the Intel GPU exclusively. Windows 10 10.0.17763 Intel i5 3570k AMD HD 7950 1) The only way I can get AMD...
  2. Question ERROR: 5 beeps with no video output - Intel HD 4000 (iGPU) missing from BIOS

    Hello. I have an Asrock H61M-DGS with a Core i5-3475S, 8 gb of ddr3 RAM and a Corsair cx600 psu. I have an nvidia GT210 and a GTX260, with both of them i've always force-enabled the Intel HD 4000 (iGPU MultiMonitor support in BIOS) to run a second monitor out of the VGA port of the motherboard...
  3. A

    Have 16 GB ddr3l ram and 2GB useable

    Can I change this to make more of it useable my system is 32bit windows 10 pro
  4. C

    Question Synology NAS WD RED corrupting file names

    I have 2 Synology systems, one as a data storage unit, the other as a full back up to iMac & NAS Data storage. The NAS backup is starting ti corrupt the file names... not sure why. What do I check to trouble shoot ?
  5. J

    Does it matter what type of hardrive, ram, cpu, and processor you use on a motherboard?

    I am building a computer and i have a harddrive, ram, and cpu but does it matter what type of motherboard i have?

    other then load times do games benifit from ssd's

    I know games load faster if there installed on an ssd but are there any other benefits vs installing games to a regular hard drive. is installing games to an ssd necessary?
  7. G

    Is it safe to compress game files?

    So I have a 1TB external HDD that I use for storing Steam games that I don't play, that way I don't have to deal with downloading them over my internet. TO save some space, I was thinking of compressing these game files that are on my 1TB HDD. I know that compressed files can't be used, so I...
  8. O

    Good computer yet all games lag...

    i have r9 290 + i7 4770K, yet all of my games lag, I only just built this computer so my guess is the drivers, but im not sure. Ive downloaded the latest driver from the amd. What could be other reasons?? Thanks
  9. evanbcole

    winNvidia.vbs Crashed File

    Recently, I've noticed that a file named "winNvidia.vbs" is crashing. This will happen when I'm playing games as well as surfing the web. Honestly, I really don't know what it means. Ever since this started happening, my FPS in games has dropped. Also, my current nVidia driver is 332.21. I've...