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  1. Karampistis Dimitrios

    Question Windows 10 won't recognize second screen from HDMI

    Hello, I am having an issue with my second screen (which is actually a TV) connected with HDMI. My graphics card is Intel's integrated graphics (Intel HD 4400). My main monitor is connected using VGA. Windows 10 won't recognize the second one. I have tried to force detect the monitor using the...
  2. Node304

    Question Laptop with intel 4400 integrated graphics freezing on any 3d game.

    When every I play a simple or beefy 3d game such as Roblox my laptop freezes up after about 10 seconds and repeats the current sound and the only way I can revert back to normal is to do a hard reboot (ANNOYING). I attempted to fix my issue many times (Tried updating drivers, tried random...
  3. G

    [SOLVED] Can't use 1440, stuck at 1080

    Hi all, new to this site. I just bought an Acer Nitro VG240YU 23.8" WQHD monitor since my old one took a dump. I can't seem to get it any higher than 1080p. I've updated all the drivers, including the monitor's driver, and nothing works. My system is an HP 500-336 i3-4130 3.4 ghz, 240GB SSD...
  4. goudarzium

    Question Acer laptop's screen goes black after graphics driver update

    Hi there! I have an Acer TravelMate p-256 laptop with this specifications: Intel® Core™ i5-4210U Processor 4GB Memory Intel® HD Graphics 4400 Recently my windows 10 has been updated and after a restart, the screen has gone black after Acer logo (while booting up), so windows log-in screen...
  5. H

    Upgrading a Wierd Sized PSU

    So I have an msi nightblade mi, which is a prebuilt small form factor computer. I wanted to upgrade the 350w PSU but it seems the PSU is a wierd size. I don't actually have a ruler right now to measure it but if I have to guess the dimensions are something like this width ~10cm length ~20cm...
  6. C

    Only one SATA slot working on GA-170x-Gaming 6?

    Hello, I just made my first pc. My question is that my gigabyte GA-z170x-Gaming 6 motherboard isn't seeing any of my SATA slots except for one. I currently have my hard drive in the sata3 slot 2 slot because that's the only slot that works. When I want to use my disk reader I have to unplug my...