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  1. R

    Question Intel Haswell Graphics Driver on Windows XP x86 crashes

    Hello, I recently got a mid 2010s workstation and installed windows XP x86. The issue I'm facing is installing the Intel HD Graphics driver. I got an i7-4790 and tried different graphics drivers, whenever I want to install them, the system crashes. If I install the driver in safemode and boot...
  2. Dark Nitro

    [SOLVED] Good Gpu for an intel pentium G630

    Hello, first of all my specs: Ram 8Gb APU: Intel® Pentium® CPU G630 @ 2.70GHz iGPU: Intel® HD Graphics Motherboard: Dell Inc. 0M5DCD so is there any good price GPU that goes well with that APU or even a better CPU/APU that is on a good budget? thanks :)
  3. proteek

    Question Laptop screen shows no display

    I have an Acer Aspire E5-471-51HX laptop with no modifications. When my laptop's display turns off (by idling, or if I turn it off myself, or if I close the lid, or if I put it to sleep), it does not turn back on. Everything runs normally, but the display shows nothing. When I turn on my laptop...
  4. stormman34

    Question Problems with AMD driver on dual GPU laptop

    My friend has a laptop that he doesn't use much but he wanted to reinstall it because it had Windows 7 and he wanted to be safe. Here are the specs: CPU - i7-2675QM GPUs - Intel HD Graphics, AMD HD 6750M RAM - Dual-Channel 2x4GB So I reinstalled it to Win 10, the AMD driver but install by...
  5. P

    [SOLVED] will intel hd graphics still be used if I plug monitor via display port cable directly into graphics card?

    it's going to be a desktop with a K processor with a maximus xi formula mobo and i'll be plugging the monitor with a display port cable directly into dedicated gpu. The gpu will be in the top slot of mobo. In that case will intel hd be used AT ALL? I don't care if it's rarely used, i don't want...
  6. Myronazz

    Question Radeon HD 7670M not utilised by games

    Hello... I have been having an absolute nightmare trying to get my friend's Radeon HD 7670M to work with games. But no matter what we do only the Intel HD Graphics 4000 is being used... Now it's an important thing to note that outside Minecraft we don't know if it's being used by the system, if...
  7. N

    Question Unable to Duplicate monitor screen on system upgraded to Windows 10

    We have upgraded a HP Compaq Pro 4300 All in One system that has a Intel Pentium G870. Once we upgrade from windows 7 to windows 10 pro we are unable to duplicate the desktop screen to our secondary monitors, only option we get is extend but If we disable the Intel HD Graphics driver on this...
  8. TisButAScratch

    Question Graphics card causes laptop to cut power

    I am almost sure that my graphics card causes my laptop to cut the power off. Recently I started having AC cut offs while trying to play a game that uses large amount of GPU (AAA games like Assassin's Creed, Battlefield etc.). My laptop is Clevo W355SS, it has an integrated Intel HD Graphics...
  9. SoumyaHD

    Question Futureproof Graphic card

    Want a modern card for my brother so he can do work plus play at the same machine Mostly VFX works and multimedia and also recent aaa titles at 60+ fps 1080 or 1440 Budget 300-500 USD. Team Red or Blue or Green Whatever Thanks in advance and it also should work as good after 5 years later...
  10. C

    [SOLVED] USB Fax Modem Issues

    USB Fax Modems and MAC OS X El Capitan-- I have a new USR 56k USB Fax Modem set up and running on our server computer. I have shared it on our network and other computers can find the fax modem but can not send faxes from anywhere but server. The error message I get says "Stopped on...
  11. D

    raid 0 to non-raid (n00b)

    have a old dell studio not worried about information loss. just want to go with a single hard drive, can i and am i on the right track? from what i have read need to delete and reset to non-raid then re-install windows.
  12. L

    Please help me

    Why doesn't dxcpl hack work with me I tried checking force warp and 11.1 something but it never works idk I really want to run rainbow six seige it works in others computer even in my friends but the game still shows error you card dosent support dx11 feature I really want to run it...
  13. S

    display-Port to HDMI converter

    So i'm getting the EVGA 1080 Ti FTW3 an i can't afford a new monitor yet an it only uses hdmi and the card has one but i use other devices that need it so won't be able to use the monitor at the same time so what kind of quality loss i see.
  14. Scar The Silent

    Power Supply going flat out

    Hello all, There's been a fan in my PC making a really loud noise for a while and fluctuating massively. I thought it was the GPU for a while, but monitored the speeds and could see it was only going 17% and my CPU fans are going a similar speed. It really bugged me yesterday, so I decided to...
  15. P

    Just looking to Change the Title of my downloads like from Lfoster doc to D hay doc

    How to change the title of my downloads for FREE
  16. A

    Best Low Profile Graphics Card

    Hello, When I am away from my main gaming setup, I play on an Optiplex 3020 SFF with the following specs: Dell Optiplex 3020 Small Form Factor Intel Core i5-4590 3.3GHz 8GB DDR3 AMD Radeon R5 240 1GB DDR5 Windows 10 Pro x64 I have been looking for a new GPU to play Battlefront. With Settings...
  17. T

    FAIL TO DOWNLOAD NEW DRIVER after upgrading motherboard

    I got a new motherboard with cpu and ram, and before i installed it to my pc i recovered all on my pc to factory new. when i finished installing the new parts, i could not download the new driver. It said: T EXCEL.EXE - BAD IMAGE...
  18. B

    Changing windows 10 license key between 2 pcs

    Hi guys, I've just bought a new PC with windows Home. My old PC has windows 10 Pro which I've upgraded from windows 8.1. I've tried installing the a new copy of windows pro on my new pc, but it says there was some license error (don't have specifics on me right now, only that it wouldn't let...
  19. J

    Short temp spikes when clock speed spikes.

    I had been using intel 5930k with turbo off @ 3.5Ghz for 1 year...And I recently overclocked it to 4.4 (1.3v) to add smoothness to a CPU demanding MMORPG. It passed stress test so it's stable. However, I soon realized that when clock speed quickly rise from idle to full load, the core...
  20. W

    Can't post new build

    Hey, I've just built a new system in the S340 case. I can't seem to get it to post though. When I switch on the system the CPU cooler LEDs flash for a second but the power switch doesn't work. I've checked the switch connectors but I can't find a problem. Any ideas? Thanks Edit: the fans...

    Windows 7 (and 10) System Lockup - Motherboard??

    Hope you guys can help. I have the below setup: GA-990FXA-UD5 Motherboard AMD 990FX 8350 (No Overclock) Zotac 980ti Xtreme 6GB (No overclock) 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 RAM @ 1600MHZ 1000W Corsair PSU 1TB Samsung Evo 850 SSD 1TB Samsung Hybrid SSHD Now to the problem, my system randomly locks...
  22. P

    for grafic card of desktop tower

    I need to know the best grafic card for 4k resolution at 700 euros buget....i am thinking to take gforce 980 extreme edition which is 4gb 7200mhz what do you think???
  23. D

    New Build Problem

    Hi, I recently built a new computer yesterday with the help of a friend. The build went fine and the computer ran for a good amount of time with no excessive noise or any problems. After about 3 hours the screen went black and the computer made alot of clicking noise. I switched the computer...
  24. M

    Asus p5q deluxe does not start up

    This morning suddenly my motherboard does not boot anymore. Pressing the power button on the computer case or pressing the small power and reset buttons on the board directly does nothing. No Fan, no hard disk power, no picture, not even an error beeb or the load beep my PSU usually does if it...