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  1. xerxesaria

    [SOLVED] Best CPU speed for gaming in 2020

    Hi. I'm beginning to build my new gaming PC. Last one I made was in 2014. So many things have changed. Currently, my research has concluded that a good CPU for a medium build, is the Intel i5 10600k. Although I don't intend to overclock, I'm considering it, but may also consider the i5 10600...
  2. L

    [SOLVED] Win10 dual work space

    Hello every one, i have one computer, and on some repeated tasks, i like to use TinyTask.exe or AHK scripts. but in order for this two to run and fonction good, i have to stay a way from pc, so is there and methods to creat a dual work space on 1 pc, something more than a simple split my...
  3. T

    Question Intel i5 9400F vs i5 9600k vs others for audio workstation PC

    Guys, i use my pc for audio production and mixing, not gaming (i have a gt 710). I don't want to overclock. Should i buy intel i5 9400F or 9600k or other (only intel please)?. I want a powerful cpu that will last for years (my actual entry-level pc lasted 10 years). My config will be 32GB ram...
  4. JemaineSA

    [SOLVED] Intel N232 MOBO Smoking

    Ok So I have a Intel N232 MOBO, 400w PSU, and connected 3: 500gb drives to it, excluding a 320 for OS. Worked fine but suddenly just switched off and I smelled something smokey. I stripped the Tower and noticed smoke appear from one of the small chips oņhe board neare the "caps". Looks bit...
  5. sennehaest

    [SOLVED] Need help with CPU choice.

    Hello, I'm searching for an i5 or i7 cpu wich it fits for a ''Socket 1155 LGA'' . It's mostly gonna be used for gaming/streaming. Does someone has some suggestion? (The CPU I have right now is: Intel Core i5 3450 3.1Ghz.) Thanks alot!
  6. J

    Magnetic Backplate for MSI GTX 980

    So I recently purchased an MSI GTX 980 and it doesn't have a back plate. I was just wondering if it's safe to have a magnetic backplate from V1Tech on my graphics card or if it will hinder the performance of it. Thanks in advance!
  7. O

    Intergrated CPU vs low-end dedicated GPU

    Hey guys I bought an AMD a8 6600k with an intergrated HD 8570D. If i put a sapphire hd 5450 1G ddr3on my pc, will my gaming graphics improve? or will it be weaker?