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    Question ryzen5 2600x or i5 9400f (100$ difference)

    Hi there, I am building a pc. since my parents are paying for this pc I wanna get most out of it. where I live pc parts are bit expensive than the USA. so I'm right now confused between Rzen 5 or Intel i5 9400f. I need the pc to do a lot of multitasking and also 144hz gaming(80+ fps) in 1080p...
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    Question What combo should I go for? (Gaming/Streaming/Video editing)

    i5 9400f - 12799 INR Asus ex b365m v mobo - 6200 INR Deepcool Gammaxx 4000 - 2200 INR RTX 2060 - 31000 INR Total - 52199 INR OR R5 2600x (with stock cooler) - 18990 INR Asus TUF b450m gaming pro mobo - 8300 INR GTX 1660 Ti - 25000 INR Total - 52290 INR...