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  1. S

    [SOLVED] Why is I5-10600K more expensive than the i5-11400F?

    Heya, Looking to do a pretty major upgrade of my PC. I'm looking at CPUs and... something doesn't make sense. Why is I5-10600K more expensive than the i5-11400F? According to a benchmark, the 11400F is more powerful, but is cheaper by a substantial $50. Am I missing something essential here...
  2. parapala23

    Question is i5-2400 worth it for $30?

    I have an old PC with Pentium G630 it is working fine and fast for my browsing and office needs and I can also play DOTA 2 and LOL smoothly but playing with VALORANT is a little big lag during gunfights. So I am planning to upgrade to i5 2400 since it is a 4cores 4threads 3.4Ghz because right...
  3. A

    Question Does undervolting really increase performance??

    I have a gaming laptop (acer aspire 7 with i5 9300h + gtx 1650) and I undervolted it around -140 mV...and I ran cinebench r15 (without undervolt temp - 88°c, multicore score - 815)(With undervolt temp - 71°c to 79°c, multicore score - 709) why this performance hit with undervolt????? N.B. - I...
  4. setomx

    Question MPG Z490M GAMING EDGE WIFI does not boot with second DDR4 3200 RAM module installed ?

    I have the following situation: I have installed the DDR4 modules according to the installation instructions (DIMMA-2 and DIMMB2), but the equipment does not start me and the EZ Debug indicator shows that it does not advance from the DRAM evaluation, leaving an infinite cycle between CPU and...
  5. I

    Discussion Upgrade i5 to i7/i9

    I have a build that has an Intel i5 CPU and was wondering if it would be worth the money to upgrade to an i7 or should I full send to an i9
  6. 8bit_coder

    [SOLVED] CPU gets stuck at 0.2GHz randomly or ONLY after not using the computer for a couple of minutes

    Hello, This problem has been nagging me ever since I got this computer: Lenovo X1 Carbon 5th Gen. I've scoured google and countless forums to no end, but I still don't know why this is happening. I have a problem with this computer and it is that if I don't use the computer(like just leaving...
  7. KillerCrock

    [SOLVED] XMP Failure

    I got a new system i5-10400 on PRIME-Z490M PLUS with GTX 1660super and 500Gb ssd Problem is my XPG SPECTRIX D60G 8GB DDR4 3000MHz won't go over 2666MHz and XMP won't boot
  8. xerxesaria

    [SOLVED] Build with i5 10500

    Hi. I’m looking to build my next computer for gaming. So far, after some research, I have come up with the following and would like to know what the experts can tell me. this is my build for the most important components: 1. CPU: Intel i5 10500 or intel i5 10600 or intel i5 10600k 2...
  9. K

    [SOLVED] What is the best CPU upgrade I can make with my Dell Prebuilt?

    Hey guys, I have a dell inspiron 3650 desktop that has an i5-6400, 8 gb of ddr3, and a graphics card that i swapped out, which is a zotac gtx 1650 compact. what is the best processor I can swap out the i5 for? which i7 would be best? I can spend 300-500. also, would another 8gb of ram help that...
  10. PCNoGo

    Question How do I prevent my PC from freezing when gaming?

    I just recently built this PC a few days ago, these are the components: CPU: I7 9700k not overclocked GPU: 2080 Super Hybrid MOBO: MSI MPG Z390M Gaming Edge AC (mATX) RAM: 16GB Corsair DDR4 SSD: 500GB M.2/1 TB SSD (Both Samsung PSU: Corsair 750W Gold Plus Rated The issue I am having is that...
  11. T

    [SOLVED] HP PRO DESK 600 G1 SFF stress test hitting 90c.

    Removed mb from stock case and placed in a new case (CORSAIR) managed to get the stock cooler on, removed old paste and put new paste mx-4 did a stress test with PRIME95 got temps up to 90c should I be concerened? CPU I5 4570
  12. P

    [SOLVED] MB died :( Could you please recommend one

    Asrock h97 pro4 died today. CPU is i5, 4th generation. I know it s old. But I don't want to throw away or invest lots of money at least for an year. I use this for mainly general purpose, occasionally I use Adobe programs. No games at all. My budget is $100 +-
  13. Y

    [SOLVED] Should I change my laptop for MAYA or other CPU consuming software?

    My laptop is Dell inspiron 15 7577: i5 7300HQ 16Gb RAM GTX 1050 - 4Gb 1Tb HDD Do I need to consider selling it and buy a newer i7 laptop for entering Animation path, which may need to use MAYA and other software that require a great CPU performance? Sometimes I tried games on emulators (Cemu...
  14. Foksrad

    [SOLVED] How much can I overclock my CPU (i5 8600K)

    Hello, I want to overclock my CPU but I'm not an expert in this field. My case has two fans (one in front and one in back) and I don't want my PC to overheat. My PC specs are : MB : Asus Prime z390-p CPU : Intel i5 8600K CPU Cooler : Arctic Cooling Freezer 13 Pro RAM : G. Skill Rampage V 32GB...
  15. nimpa

    [SOLVED] Which is the better buy I5 4590 vs I7 4790s?

    Currently I am looking to buy a spare pc for either my personal use(programming, streaming, mail, web, etc...) or to use as a dedicated plex server There are two variants i could buy. One with intel i5 quad core 4590 or the intel i7 quad core 4790s. the only thing is that the pc with the I7 i...
  16. T

    [SOLVED] Odd BSOD and SATA issues (Win7 x64, i5 Nvidia GTX 1060)

    Hello! First time posting here, I have 2 issues with my computer and I think they might be related. System overview: Windows 7 x64, i5 processor, ASUS Z87-A motherboard, and an Nvidia GTX 1060. I use it for gaming, internet surfing, and media experimentation. Dxdiag summary is below. Every...
  17. A

    Question i7 10510u vs i5 10210u for Autocad, Revit and InDesign

    Hi, I need a laptop for university, I will be using Autocad and Revit and InDesign. I wanted a 2-in-1 laptop, and my options have narrowed down to HP Envy x360 15-DR1017TX and HP Envy x360 15-DR1018TX. The only difference is the hard drive (both are fine) and the CPU. The more expensive one is...
  18. D

    Question Intel i5 evolution benchmarks

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know where can I found evolution of Intel i5 cpu family from first to last generation and also their comparation in benchmarks?🙂
  19. L

    Question (HELP) Stuttering problems

    Hiya, my name is Stacie, Iv decided to jump on a friends account and try these forums as a last resort. I have had my pc for about 2 years and its got to where anything I play just stutters when i turn around or load something new up. I get high fps 100+ and the stutters don't tank my fps. They...
  20. Strooper

    Question i5-8250U vs i5-1035G4?

    Dear Community, On top of my gaming PC, I'm planning to buy a Surface Pro. I'm struggling to choose between the Surface Pro 6 (i5-8250U) and the new Surface Pro 7 with a 10th gen i5 (i5-1035G4). I'll use this computer mainly for programming (currently teaching myself machine learning and NLP)...