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    Question Games crashing after upgrading to Ryzen 7 2700x

    Specs: Motherboard: Hero VII Wifi CPU:Ryzen 7 2700x GPU: GTX 1060 RAM: 16gb Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000Mhz Power supply: 600w A friend of mine recently upgrading his PC from an Intel i5 to a a Ryzen 7 2700x. Before this games never crashed on his PC. But he would see the PC struggling to play...
  2. J

    Question Can I Run i5 7600k with 3600 MHZ Ram

    I am having a hard time getting any ram to work with my set up (At speed). It's bugging me and I am not sure what I am missing. Right now I have z270 Asus Prime, Crucial 3600mhz DDR4 {2x8gb} and a core i5 7600k. I had 3k mhz before and couldn't get it to behave at rated speeds, the crucial won't...
  3. beeko

    Question More quiet cooler for i5

    Hi Im looking for more quiet fan for my cpu, I currently have the stock fan installed which is really noisy. The stock fan looks something like this: Stock fan My motherboard is Gigabyte ga-z77m-d3h and I have Intel i5 3570k processor which has LGA1155 socket. I found this website which has...
  4. L

    Question Graphics card and processor suggestions

    Hey guys, I'm upgrading my PC, since it's almost 3 years old. I want a new graphics card and a new processor as well to support it. My motherboard is an ASUS B150 PRO GAMING/AURA DDR4 LGA 1151 CHIPSET INTEL B150, my power supply is a 600W Corsair bronze plus. I'm from Brazil and there is a...
  5. 1

    Question What GPU should I buy for these specs?

    I am looking to upgrade my GPU to a more recent mid-range NVIDIA one. Right now I have an i5-3570 and an AMD Radeon HD 5670 GPU. I have been told that anything more than a 1060 6GB would be a bottleneck for 1080P but right now, my monitor is 1440P. Which one would you recommend for these specs...
  6. J

    Question I5 8400 or i5 9400f

    I planning to build a gaming pc for the 1st time . Now i want to pick cpu . I5 8400 or i5 9400f ? I5 9400f a bit cheaper $15usd . Which one is better value and good to pair with rtx 2060 ?
  7. B

    Question H370 or Z370 (or B360) motherboard?

    Hello, i am kinda new in all of this PC stuff and i wan't to buy a new motherboard. I finded good deals on Z370 and H370 (or B360) motherboards. I will probably overclock in future but now gaming is on first place. Can somebody help me ?
  8. D

    Question Recreate a motherboard

    This may not be the right place to post this but here it goes anyways. Feel free to delete or move it. I am far from a hardware expert, and quite frankly I'm not even that good with computers. Could a motherboard be duplicated by recreating its traces using actual wires and placing the chips...
  9. B

    Question networking speed confusion

    Hi everyone, recently we have been having issues with our internet provider and having numerous dropped connections. so i called them to come out and try to fix it. after modem/router swapping 5 times, replaced the inline wall splitter and adjustments on their end and in our router. its still...
  10. M

    Question RAM question

    What I have is an Asus, B350M mobo with an AMD 1600 processor, The mobo states it can support up to 3000 or 3200mhz (O.C.) The question is what kind of RAM I should buy, for instance can I buy RAM labeled as 3200mhz or do I need to buy 2666 mhz and OC it? It's been a long time since I did a...
  11. loggylizar

    Question mixing ram with prebuilt. help

    got a prebuilt gaming pc for christmas, and I've been extremely satisfied with it. Every game I play I run fine except Rust. probably because some of my ram is rerouted so i only have like 5.9gbs usable and my motherboard doesnt let me reroute ram or overclock. so I ordered a new 1x8 stick of...
  12. 0

    Question Hi all, M2SSD+USB3 Evo850 [250GB] or newer Evo860 ?

    So I know that an M.2 Solid State Drive is roughly 1500read + 1000write & is a lot faster than a normal SSD 500read + 500write & I know that Samsung [Evo 850] has a newer 860 out ..but on Ebay there's an M2 Evo850 [250GB] in an enclosure with a USB3 connector ..So0o0 will an M.2SSD thru...
  13. T

    Question My monitor says input not supported

    I have an AOC monitor (24.5 '') but every time I start a game it makes a clicking sound. then the screen goes black and says input not supported. I have already searched for solutions (I have already changed the resolution but nothing works) I have connected my GPU with an HDMI cable I would...
  14. K

    Question Just bought a PCIe -> USB card, what is the extra power cord for?

    Just got a Vantec USB 3.0 4 port PCI express card (UGT-PC341) It comes with a power cable and I have no clue why. So I'm building a dual boot macOS High Sierra or Mojave / Win7. I got this card because my 2 month old High Sierra was losing keyboard and the mouse was acting funny. So it...
  15. Z

    Question HELP! Completely Stumped, Having trouble disabling Charging beep for windows 10

    My laptop charger sometimes does not power my laptop correctly so the laptop will frequently switch between being charged and not, the damn beep every time it disconnects and reconnects is driving me nuts and I want to disable it until I can get a new charger. I have tried all the normal fixes...
  16. 4thehalibit

    Question Looking for software

    Hello, I'm new here, if this is wrong place I apologise. Where I work we are trying to come up to a solution for quicker PC replacement. We have custom software that is hosted on a server and maintained by a 3rd party we also have online software like VIP, PDF Reader Chrome, but we would like to...
  17. E

    Question Unigine Heaven shutting down GTX 1080 OC

    Hey guys, so I was trying to tweak my MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X little bit. However, the unigine heaven benchmark keeps shutting down in middle of benchmark (which means the clocks are unstable right?) But the thing is that the clocks aren't even that high, and I man not seeing any artifacts etc...
  18. L

    Question Upgrading from 16/4 Channels to 24/8 Channels

    Greetings! Newbie here. I have a Netgear C6300 modem router combo. I am in the process of adding Ring Security doorbell, cameras, and lighting around my house, in addition to the devices I already have that use Wi-Fi. I dont' have the project finished yet, but when it is, I will have around 20...
  19. T

    Question Buying a mined card??

    Looking at a evga 1080ti hybrid. owner says it was mined off an on for 6 months. Would you buy this card, or no?
  20. Superlp12

    Question Locating the fuse in psu

    My wall ac socket have short that trigger the house breaker. Had qualified electrician to fix it and all power restored except the psu. I had a new psu, installed it and pc booted up and everything ok. When I opened the dead psu(Seasonic prime platinum 850), everything appears to be normal. I...