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    [SOLVED] Windows or (Old) Mobo Chipset Drivers for Z77 (Ivy Bridge)?

    So I've recently had to reinstall Windows on my ageing (gracefully, I might add) Z77 Ivy Bridge build from 2012, and went into it thinking I wasn't going to be installing any drivers from the mobo manufacturer simply based on the fact that they're all from 2013 and most aren't Windows 10...
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    can someone explain this benchmark??

    Hey guys, I just performed a benchmark test on my PC from UserBenchmark and I have some questions. Can someone explain why the Boot Drive section is red? why are my RAM unknown? And if you have time, can you drop a few tips about my setup, how to improve, tips on maintenance, and things to look...
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    RX 480 spiking when idle in MSI afterburner

    I just got my RX 480 on a sale last Friday on Amazon, and I couldn't pass it up. Removed my GTX 950, and added this card expecting much better performance in games, but I've noticed in some cases performance is actually worse. My system specs are as follows: RX 480 MSI Gaming X 4GB AMD FX8320e...