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  1. D

    [SOLVED] What is the best value Micro ATX mobo for Core i5 13600K

    Not sure what motherboard would be the best for an Intel Core i5 13600K and an RTX 3060 12gb but also not being too pricey. I would be using it alot for working in Adobe Photoshop and illustrator and also quite a bit of gaming too. Might be a bit vague but just wondering if anyone has any...
  2. zeenuh

    Question Pc fans stopped spinning while in use. possibly motherboard?

    I went to turn my pc on and it did not power on, i have pc problems quite frequently so i turn off and then back on the psu switch and it automatically powered on without me having to press the power button. once it did turn on and it was fully booted up the rgb fans started to slow down and...
  3. mgneagra

    [SOLVED] Can anyone has latest bios of intel dg33bu?

    Hello everyone! Can someone has the latest bios for this intel board dg33bu? Because i can't find anywhere... sorry for bad english. edit: i don't have money for buying a new pc... because i live in Romania and everything is expensive, if i buy a new mb,cpu,ram
  4. Y

    [SOLVED] how to keep cpu at turbo boost constant

    soo i have a i7 3770 with a non z mobo , as far as i know the i7 can pull off 3.9ghz at turbo but then it drops to 3.4ghz or low when not needed , is there a way i can keep the cpu clock speeds to 3.9GHZ all the time without any drops no matter what i am doing , i just need it to stay 3.9ghz all...
  5. BionicRival

    [SOLVED] Lga 1156 Supported CPUS?

    Hello, I just recently bought a board off of eBay and it’s the Intel DH57JG Lga 1156. I’ve looked at supported CPUs on Intel’s website and it only supports lower end i3 and i5 CPUs. I’ve heard on other threads that they have put in an i7-860 or a Xeon x3470 and worked perfectly. Some people said...
  6. K

    [SOLVED] Sparks from motherboard

    I plugged a fan into the TPM (Trusted Platform Module) and when I tried to power on the PC I saw some sparks and then I immediately unplug the power. My motherboard doesn't work anymore, Intel DH61WW. How bad it is and are my components good anymore?
  7. Info Z390/Z370/H370/B365/B360/H310 Motherboards (LGA1151v2 for Intel 8th & 9th-Gen Coffee Lake) Sortable Comparison Tables

    Welcome everyone! This thread features a comprehensive list of Z390/Z370/H370/B365/B360/H310 motherboards with an LGA1151v2-socket (supporting Intel 8th-Gen and 9th-Gen Coffee Lake-S CPUs). It is a sortable database aimed at easily comparing detailed specifications of all the different...
  8. J

    GTX 1060 compatible with an older mobo

    Hi, I have the following motherboard a Gigabyte P55 US3L Rev 2.0 Do you think a 1060 work work on this older board? I have updated the bios but the last update was 2010. Thanks Jim