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  1. Question RAM Not detected after delid cpu

    Hi, so I tried to delid my cpu yesterday but it's really hard. So I decided to undo my intention to delid the cpu. After I installed the cpu, ram etc, my buzzer emitted a long beep. After I checked, remove the ram one by one, apparently the first ram slot could not detect the installed ram...
  2. W

    Question Will windows 10 run on my pc smoothly ?

    My PC specs :- CPU Intel Pentium 2020M @ 2.40 GHz Ram: 2 GB DDR3 Clocked at 1600 MHz Screen Resolution: 1600x900
  3. S

    Question Upgrades?

    Hi. So im looking to upgrade my Dell Inspiron 660 CPU. Right now i have a Intel Pentium CPU G2030 @3.00Ghz 3000Mhz dual core. Is there anything compatible to that CPU thatll run decently on my budget gaming computer?
  4. Question Can I use Gt 710 graphic card on this Computer

    Can I use Gt 710 graphic card on my pc: Motherboard: Lapcare H61 Processor: Intel Pentium G6290 @ 2.6 Ghz
  5. A

    whether my laptop has a support for M.2 port to put in a SSD?

    so hey peers! i recently bought a new laptop it is a budget segment laptop Acer aspire3 (a315-53-p4my) it is powered by an intel 4417u processor and 4gb ram. So as you know the specs arent great and so i decided to put in a 120gb ssd to boot my OS but i am not able to confirm whether it has M.2...
  6. fireboy16

    [SOLVED] Recommend OC setting for pentium g3258

    Before i start i did kinda OC my pentium to 4.2 but i left my voltages and other stuff to auto, i just need confirmation if that's alright and also if i could futher push my ghz to 4.3-4.5 and also kinda stupid but i didn't stress test, but is seem to average around 39-50 while doing light...