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    Question i5 6600K 100c temp (thermal throttling) & 100% Usage. Please help.

    Hello All, My i5 6600k temp idles around 44° C to 49° C and with load (playing game-cs go, using video editing tool-filmora) it shoots to 100° C within 30 seconds. Also when I did a stress test with intel extreme tuning utility same thing 30 seconds into the test it shoots to 100°C. Also my...
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    Question Are my I7-10700K Temperatures Good/Normal/Safe?

    Around a month ago I built a gaming pc with an i7-10700K, The CPU cooler is "Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4". and I've read that the normal/safe temperatures for CPUs nowadays are: IDLE: 30-45 Degrees Celcius. Workload: 45-65 Degrees Celcius. Gaming: 75-80-85. I've been consistently monitoring my...
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    Question Does Intel Provide Cpu cooler along with i5-10400, 10500, 10600 Processor ?

    Does Intel Provides Cpu cooler along with i5-10400, 10500, 10600 Processor ? or F and K series of 10th Gen ?