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    Question problem with finding onboard graphics driver for my old vaio laptop

    I have an old VAIO laptop. The exact product name as it mentioned in the back of laptop is "VPCEG34FX". it has following specs(i found using cpu-z): cpu = Intel Core i5 2450M gpu = Intel HD Graphics 3000 My laptop doesn't have a dedicated graphics card and only have this onboard card. when i am...
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    Hi, I've attached an image of all my programs enabled on startup. Which ones can I disable so my computer boots faster? View:
  3. Question My Gpu load by intel(r) graphics power plan. Need help

    Having high performance power plan make gpu load 30-45% and power saving plan makes gpu load high 80-95%. What's the problem? When i play dota2, at maximum battery life fps goes 35-45. But changing power plan to high performance makes my fps 10-20. It's intelR hd 3000. i7 2620m 8gb ram. windows...
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    Update BIOS without CPU

    Hi, I have Z170 Maximus VIII Ranger and i7-7700K I need to update the BIOS for the CPU to work is there any way to update the BIOS without installing CPU in the motherboard ???