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  1. A

    Question Error 18 in windows 10 Intel graphics driver

    Hello. I have recently reinstalled my windows 10 pro on my laptop to freshen up the speed but now in device manager instead of showing Intel HD graphics 5500 it shows video controller(vga compatible). I have the AMD radeon graphics card which shows up just right under display adapters. But this...
  2. stardewpersonas

    Question Graphics Card Stops Working After Sleep or Restart

    Current Build: Dell Prebuilt, Inspiron 5680 Intel 8700 GTX 1080 16 GB RAM So, a while ago, a friend gave me her old 1080 (originally had a 1060 3GB) after she updated her own rig. It took a bit of finagling but I eventually managed to get it working with my system with 0 problems afterwards...
  3. Vi2020

    [SOLVED] Graphics intel disabled

    I really need help. I was so stupid and I only had one intel graphics card. I disabled it not knowing it would not function without it. The problem is when I turn on my laptop, the screen is on but it's so shattered and broken so it's connected to my tv and when I start the laptop it doesn't...
  4. Mo.R


    hello, I want to know if my Intel(R) HD Graphics can handle dual monitors. I have a Lenovo c40-30 AIO with an Intel Pentium 3805U @ 1.90GHz. I've heard that computers can slow down if it doesn't have good components to run it. so will my PC run slow if I connect another monitor or not? I can...
  5. I

    No CPU frequency downscaling

    I have an i7 4790k OC to 4.6GHz and was wondering I just turned off a power save feature in the bios and it stays at 4.6GHz are there any side effects? In terms of responsiveness, how would it fair against scaling the CPU clock? -- I am assuming this in marginal