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  1. U

    [SOLVED] Nondescript error with RAID 0 member drive, Windows 10 PC still boots and files are still accessible?

    My C: drive is in RAID 0 format with three SSDs via SATA cable. One of the drives has returned and "error" on my Intel RST boot screen which was stopping my computer from booting at all for about an hour last night. I found which of the drives went bad with its serial number and tried swapping...
  2. HnyBear

    Question Intel Rapid Storage Technology or Windows 10 Storage Spaces?

    I've been looking everywhere and can't find any good info on this. I have an Asus ROG MAXIMUS XII FORMULA motherboard with raid on it. I am planning on setting up a raid 1 between two 14TB WD Ultrastar drives. Would I be better off setting it up via the bios and use Intel RST in windows or use...
  3. Extra Crizby

    Question iRST - Boot Screen

    Hi All, I've been getting really frustrated with this issue: Intel Rapid Storage Technology shows up on every boot and drags out the boot time by about 4-5 seconds. This all occured after receiving my serviced Samsung 970 EVO, which I sent back for a warranty claim. First I had the Issue of...
  4. neverknowu

    [SOLVED] Intel Rapid Storage Technology and Optane

    Building a new system, ASRock Creator x299 mobo, I'm going down the list to install most of what I think I need. I had an issue, and decided to clean install Windows 10. Then when it came to installing Intel Optane from the ASRock Downloads page, it said that I didn't have an open partition...
  5. Gincal

    Question Can only access Intel Rapid Storage Technology

    Got myself an ASUS ROG G20AJ with Windows 10. A while back it stopped booting, the cpu fans would start and instantly stop. A friend of mine suggested that sometimes, when he was cleaning his components, he had to reset the BIOS battery, so he came over, we opened it all up and did that it...
  6. S

    Question Can I run Intel RST and SRT with 2 SSDs (NO HDD)? Want to improve performance!

    I only have 2 SSDs, and I would like to run Intel Rapid Storage Technology in conjunction with Smart Response Technology. Can I do this to improve performance? I do not have an HDD. It takes my computer over 1 minute to boot up. I would like to reduce this time, as well as improve performance...
  7. 5

    [SOLVED] Can I add a new graphics card and CPU to my Dell Inspiron 620?

    Helo, I have a regular dell inspiron 620 pc and I want to play minecraft on it but it can barely play minecraft at all low settings so i was wondering if i can install an RX 560 2GB & an intel pentium G4560.... i just wanna play on a server with some mods at a reasonable framerate
  8. S

    Need help configuring audio settings

    Hello all! I am in the perplexing position of being somewhat of an audiophile, but when it comes to configuring my current home theater setup I am at a complete loss. No matter what settings I fiddle with, nothing seems to yield the result I'm looking for. My current setup is as follows- Sony...
  9. F

    Going to build my 1ST PC,will this run moderns games @60 fps

    CPU : i3 - 7100 GPU : Zotac GeForce GTX 1060 3GB DDR5 AMP Edition - Dual Fan MOBO :MSI B250M-Pro VD (LGA1151, B250, DDR4) RAM : Crucial DDR4 Ballistix Sport LT 16GB KIT (8GB x 2) PC19200 - White PSU :Seasonic G-550 550W - Modular - 80 Gold Certified - 5 Years Warranty Replacement case ...
  10. K

    i7 6800K 2 cores 100% usage other 10-20% only

    Whatever game I'm playing my core 9 and core 11 are always 100% usage and all other are only 10-20%. Is this normal?
  11. J

    razer deathadder 2010 issue

    i have a razer deathadder 2010. when i drag the mouse fast around the screen right to left it goes up and down and stops and its like the mouse doesent keep up whith the spped. when i scroll and hold my pouse on a link video etc it opens it in a new tab when i downloaded a app that lets me do...
  12. F

    Gaming pc fan is making loud noise when nothing is running

    Hello, So I'm using a msi nightblade z97 gtx970, cpu i5 3.6ghz . And I have an issue with my fan, suddenly it's making a really loud noise that wasn't there yesterday. So I restarted my pc as usual and when I'm on my login screen it feels like my fan is running at 100%. Even when nothing is...