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    Question Can I run Intel RST and SRT with 2 SSDs (NO HDD)? Want to improve performance!

    I only have 2 SSDs, and I would like to run Intel Rapid Storage Technology in conjunction with Smart Response Technology. Can I do this to improve performance? I do not have an HDD. It takes my computer over 1 minute to boot up. I would like to reduce this time, as well as improve performance...
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    Can I add a new graphics card and CPU to my Dell Inspiron 620?

    Helo, I have a regular dell inspiron 620 pc and I want to play minecraft on it but it can barely play minecraft at all low settings so i was wondering if i can install an RX 560 2GB & an intel pentium G4560.... i just wanna play on a server with some mods at a reasonable framerate
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    Need help configuring audio settings

    Hello all! I am in the perplexing position of being somewhat of an audiophile, but when it comes to configuring my current home theater setup I am at a complete loss. No matter what settings I fiddle with, nothing seems to yield the result I'm looking for. My current setup is as follows- Sony...
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    Going to build my 1ST PC,will this run moderns games @60 fps

    CPU : i3 - 7100 GPU : Zotac GeForce GTX 1060 3GB DDR5 AMP Edition - Dual Fan MOBO :MSI B250M-Pro VD (LGA1151, B250, DDR4) RAM : Crucial DDR4 Ballistix Sport LT 16GB KIT (8GB x 2) PC19200 - White PSU :Seasonic G-550 550W - Modular - 80 Gold Certified - 5 Years Warranty Replacement case ...
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    i7 6800K 2 cores 100% usage other 10-20% only

    Whatever game I'm playing my core 9 and core 11 are always 100% usage and all other are only 10-20%. Is this normal?
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    razer deathadder 2010 issue

    i have a razer deathadder 2010. when i drag the mouse fast around the screen right to left it goes up and down and stops and its like the mouse doesent keep up whith the spped. when i scroll and hold my pouse on a link video etc it opens it in a new tab when i downloaded a app that lets me do...
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    Gaming pc fan is making loud noise when nothing is running

    Hello, So I'm using a msi nightblade z97 gtx970, cpu i5 3.6ghz . And I have an issue with my fan, suddenly it's making a really loud noise that wasn't there yesterday. So I restarted my pc as usual and when I'm on my login screen it feels like my fan is running at 100%. Even when nothing is...