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  1. U

    [SOLVED] Nondescript error with RAID 0 member drive, Windows 10 PC still boots and files are still accessible?

    My C: drive is in RAID 0 format with three SSDs via SATA cable. One of the drives has returned and "error" on my Intel RST boot screen which was stopping my computer from booting at all for about an hour last night. I found which of the drives went bad with its serial number and tried swapping...
  2. HnyBear

    Question Intel Rapid Storage Technology or Windows 10 Storage Spaces?

    I've been looking everywhere and can't find any good info on this. I have an Asus ROG MAXIMUS XII FORMULA motherboard with raid on it. I am planning on setting up a raid 1 between two 14TB WD Ultrastar drives. Would I be better off setting it up via the bios and use Intel RST in windows or use...
  3. N

    Question Windows ONLY Boots With AHCI Enabled, Not Intel RST

    On a Razer Blade 15 2019 Advanced, I upgradedfrom a 512 gig Samsung 970 EVO to a Mushkin Enhanced Pilot-E 2 tb drive. I cloned the 512 gig drive to the 2tb drive, adjusting partitions as necessary, and after many many attempts and curse words, I finally got windows booting and booting...
  4. W

    Question Intel RST - can't set SSD as cache

    Hello! I am having issues with setting up my SSD as a cache for my HDD. Up until recently I was using a setup of 60GB SSD + 2TB HDD. The SSD held my OS. Now I bought a new SSD which is 250GB for the OS and planned on using the 60GB one as a cache for my HDD, however the issue I'm having is that...
  5. M

    Which monitor is better

    This is a 23.8" monitor. And this is the same monitor but 27". I currently have a 27" 60hz monitor which I use for playing CS:GO and watching videos. Will the 23.8" be too small? also the 27" is 130 euro more expensive. Is it really worth it then?
  6. mr_buffy

    ASUS Strix Nvidia GTX 980 Ti not working

    Hi All, I have PC with a ASUS Maximus VIII Formula MB and a Nvidia GTX 980 Ti video card which I have just transported by road to my new country of residence after it was in storage for 5 weeks. The video card is no longer working. I have confirmed the monitor and cable a fine and the...
  7. C

    BIOS and Windows

    I have installed windows on two different partitions of my drive. The first one is the main Operating System that I keep using while the second one was only a result of testing if my bootable USB Device was still working. So after knowing my bootable device was working, I reformatted the...
  8. G

    Imagination's Quest To Provide A Third Major Mobile Platform

    By acquiring MIPS Technologies, Imagination hopes to build a strong platform to compete against the incumbent ARM and daunting challenger Intel on a more equal footing. We go through the company's portfolio to determine its strengths and opportunities. Imagination's Quest To Provide A Third...