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  1. W

    Question Intel RST - can't set SSD as cache

    Hello! I am having issues with setting up my SSD as a cache for my HDD. Up until recently I was using a setup of 60GB SSD + 2TB HDD. The SSD held my OS. Now I bought a new SSD which is 250GB for the OS and planned on using the 60GB one as a cache for my HDD, however the issue I'm having is that...
  2. M

    Which monitor is better

    This is a 23.8" monitor. And this is the same monitor but 27". I currently have a 27" 60hz monitor which I use for playing CS:GO and watching videos. Will the 23.8" be too small? also the 27" is 130 euro more expensive. Is it really worth it then?
  3. mr_buffy

    ASUS Strix Nvidia GTX 980 Ti not working

    Hi All, I have PC with a ASUS Maximus VIII Formula MB and a Nvidia GTX 980 Ti video card which I have just transported by road to my new country of residence after it was in storage for 5 weeks. The video card is no longer working. I have confirmed the monitor and cable a fine and the...
  4. C

    BIOS and Windows

    I have installed windows on two different partitions of my drive. The first one is the main Operating System that I keep using while the second one was only a result of testing if my bootable USB Device was still working. So after knowing my bootable device was working, I reformatted the...
  5. G

    Imagination's Quest To Provide A Third Major Mobile Platform

    By acquiring MIPS Technologies, Imagination hopes to build a strong platform to compete against the incumbent ARM and daunting challenger Intel on a more equal footing. We go through the company's portfolio to determine its strengths and opportunities. Imagination's Quest To Provide A Third...