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  1. Robert_282

    Rog Strix G17 Issues

    Hi, So I bought a new laptop called ASUS ROG Strix G17 G712LU-H7021 and I'm having issues with installing my Windows. The issue is that, in boot priority, the SSD doesn't show up, and when im trying to install the windows, after the boot of the stick and clicking the install button and so on...
  2. Jakobjump

    [SOLVED] Can't boot from newly installed M.2 drive. Windows installed but drive not recognised in BIOS.

    Hi! I just received an Intel SSD 6 M.2 drive and ran into the problem of it not being recognised as a boot drive when trying to boot from it, post installing a fresh copy of Windows on my system. I have checked a number of other threads with the same issue and followed their steps, but without...
  3. U

    Going through PSU's

    I went through the trouble of getting a highly rated, highly reviewed, brand-name PSU that was more than what my system needed. I'm now on my second RMA, with my third PSU set to arrive. While not statistically impossible, I have trouble believing that I'm just that unlucky. Maybe there's...
  4. V

    Motherboard Power Problem

    when turn on my machine , after 5 seconds its automatically off ,even bios also not running. How can i rectify.
  5. K

    Are good PSU really a MUST?

    I know I'm gonna get flamed for this, but here I go. I've been building systems for like 15+ years now and My first 5 years I've always used the PSU that came with the case, yeah the cheap ones. Never had an issue with them. I remember the first time (back in 2005) I had to spend 55$ for a...
  6. D

    New GamingRig Slow

    Hey! I just recently purchased a pre-built iBuyPower Gaming tower off of Bestbuy. Ever since getting it, It seems to be running slow in almost everything I do. In simple games I cannot even go to maximal settings. In games like MapleStory it lags and runs slow. Same for Warframe. What bugs me...