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  1. Serbian_Reaper

    Question Thinkpad T440s wifi 6 upgrade ?

    So for a while now, the wifi on my T440s would constantly disconnect and when it is connected it's slow as hell compared to my phone. That's why I'm planning to upgrade my wifi card. I got a suggestion that I upgrade to an intel wifi 6 ax200, but all vendors say it doesn't support my laptop...
  2. G

    Question Ubit WiFi 6 Card

    Hi everybody, I installed this wifi card: on my pc which is an old Packard Bell IMEDIA D4612 IT (2009). The bluetooth works fine on both Windows...
  3. J

    [SOLVED] M.2 wifi card too wide for slot

    I bought a M.2 wifi card( Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 ). On the product page it said it would fit in M.2 sockets 2230 and 1216. My motherboard (Asrock Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming K4) also stated in the manual that the second slot could accept 2230 cards. But whenn I tried to install it the wifi card is too...