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  1. G

    Question Need to build a rig 12th gen Intel-Asus Setup

    Need to build a rig 12th gen Intel-Asus Setup Budget($2500) Requirements: 12th Gen Intel Core i9-12900 GPU RTX 3080 EATX Motherboard DDR5 WiFi 6 PCIe 5.0 support Lian Li fans 4k Monitor Thank you

    Question AX210 won't connect to 5GHz on Windows 11

    Hi, so I purchased the GC-WBAX210 from ASUS. I can connect to any of my 2.4 GHz networks without a single issue but each and every time I want to connect to any of my 5 GHz networks, either of these things happen: It connects to the network, it says that it has internet access. One second...
  3. amirthefalcon

    Question Why my wifi6e router is having a slow connection

    Hi everyone I recently bought a wifi 6e 5ghz router to improve my local file transfer speed. i have 2 pcs and i usually move big file's between those systems in windows local network discovery file transfer i only get speed of 17 megabytes per seconds which is pretty disappointing for the money...
  4. ethan206

    [SOLVED] How is Intel's Wi-Fi 6E AX210 so good?

    So my internet connection is always bad in my room on all my other devices (my iPhone, raspberry pi NAS, old laptops, etc.), but for some reason, my main laptop (Blade 14) can get really good speeds. I average less than 10mbps on my phone and my other devices and even a Wi-Fi extender I placed...
  5. awesomenathan43

    Question Why does my Killer Control Center keep freezing.

    Hi, I bought an Acer Nitro 5 AN515-57 2 weeks ago, lately, i've been wanting to use the Killer Control Center to prioritize my apps, but then everytime i want to the Control Center just freezes and i cant do anything about it except close it via Task Manager, here is my laptop's specification...
  6. Servs

    [SOLVED] Can i swap the wifi card on Asus Crosshair VIII Hero (wifi)?

    I bought a wifi 6E router and want to install the new Intel AX210 wifi card to get access to the Wifi 6Ghz band but the VIII Hero is only Wifi 6 AX200. Can i swap the internal wifi card on the board or do i have to use a pcie card or a m.2 slot?
  7. Sener

    Question New PCI-E wifi card acts weird GC-WBAX210

    Greetings, I got new WIFI & BT5,2 card (Amazon link It has Intel AX210 Wi-Fi module. Weird stuff is only bluetooth 5.2 is showing up (and working great). When I started PC in device managers BT drivers were...
  8. okjak808

    [SOLVED] MSI Z590 Pro WIFI -- Slow Integrated WIFI, compared to WIFI adapter ?

    Hello everyone on Tomshardware Forums! So just last week I decided to upgrade my platform since LGA 1155 is kind of outdated. I got a new motherboard from my local Best Buy the, MSI z590 Pro WIFI. When I realized it had onboard/intergraded WIFI I thought it would have much faster speeds...