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  1. A

    Question Anything I should do after switching from Intel to AMD

    So I just switched from Intel to AMD and it is working just as before without having to reinstall windows. Im just wondering if there is anything I should or could do to make things work optimally after the switch. I have already downloaded all drivers and reinstalling stuff is always good but...
  2. S

    Question Airflow

    So recently I upgraded the inner hardware of my pc and playing some games is starting to get me stressed af as I see temperatures rise a lot, I live in argentina where economy is pretty horrible and not a lot of stuff arrives here as it does in europe or the states and if it does, its cheaper to...
  3. amalts01

    Suggest me a laptop under 60-80k INR

    Hi, Please suggest a good laptop under 60-80k INR. Mostly for programming and moderate gaming.
  4. venetskiiviko12

    [SOLVED] Intel RAM and AMD RAM? is that a thing?

    I'm seeing a lot of online stores sell RAM as "intel RAM" and "AMD RAM", sometimes they have an option saying "for all". is that a thing? does it really matter what you use as long as it's the correct DDR model? on google I found a lot of people saying it doesn't matter but the sellers are...
  5. S

    Question i5-9400F refuses to boost to 4.1GHz on a single core.

    As expected, on all 6 cores, the speed never goes above 3.89GHz, which is normal. However, I expected it would reach the advertised 4.1GHz on a single core, but if I run a benchmark of some sort, it will only go to 4.08GHz max, never above that. Is this expected behavior?
  6. Elixs

    Question Best CPU for RTX 3070?

    I have an Intel Core i5-8400 and an RTX 3070 and I'm noticing that in some games (like Call of Duty Cold War) the CPU it's at 70-99% usage while the GPU sticks at 50-70%. It seems like it is bottlenecking, and I would love to change my CPU in order to avoid that bottleneck, but without spending...
  7. kevinrcole

    Question VGA LED on motherboard stays on, cannot reach BIOS

    Hello all. I've run into a very weird issue recently which has caused me to spend all my time troubleshooting and worrying about my PC for hours on end. My PC has been acting a bit weird the past few months - mostly just running games (like CoD) poorly when the PC should be above recommended...
  8. N

    Question CPU too slow on battery. Should I turn off Intel Speed shift/speed step?

    CPU: Intel i7 9750 H 16 gb ram 56 watt battery Dell Inspiron 7591 On charge, it delivers 3-4.5 ghz reliably and is not too bad with heat. When I remove charge, it clocks down to around 1 ghz. The max speed i clocked was 1.4 ghz. Although i get around 5-6 hours of normal use, it feels very slow...
  9. Lodocarbo

    Question Upgrade from i7 6700

    Hi guys and girls, my beloved PC is starting to show it's age (built in June 2016) and since I use it a lot, mainly for gaming, I am considering upgrading some components. Recently I bought a LG 34" 144Hz display that is stressing my GTX 1080, and probably my CPU as well. Im currently running...
  10. Axxis09

    7700k 5.2ghz?

    I've just started overclocking and a few weeks ago got my 7700k to 5.0ghz on all cores. Today I've been fiddling around and got my pc to 5.2ghz on 1 core. I'm not sure if having 5.2ghz all core will increase the temps dramatically. Thanks
  11. Odonix

    Question Not getting same FPS that I used to get ?

    Ever since about a year ago I noticed that my laptop hasn't been performing anywhere near as well as it used to. My laptop is an Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-33BM The processor is a 7100u which uses Intel HD 620 graphics. In Device Manager, it was telling me that I had the latest driver for my...
  12. T

    Question No POST after incompatible memory installed.

    I tried installing 2 sticks of DDR3 memory taken from an AMD AM3+ system on a Gigabyte B85M-HD3 motherboard. Which is an Intel system board of LGA1150 socket and it was working fine prior to this. The system booted into Windows successfully with each of those modules installed one at a time...