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  1. D

    Question 6tb Western Digital internal not initializing (older machine)

    Was wondering if anyone had any insight on why a new 6tb WD sata drive (blue) would not be initializing and refusing to. It shows as just an empty drive, 0 space and won't initialize to GPT. The motherboard is older: MSI B75MA-P45. I did add a 3tb drive last year and added a 3D nand drive last...
  2. ajulius_

    [SOLVED] Hard Drive (D:) Not Detected

    Few days ago my Asus FX504GE laptop crashed (freeze with sound looping) while I'm running a game for a few minutes (installed on D: Drive), and I had to hard restart it. But after that, I can't seem to find my D: Drive. It's not there on Disk Management, and it's not detected in BIOS as well...
  3. ggp8

    Question Problems installing BIOS, Windows 10, & Internal Hard Drive missing

    I just finished building my PC, and was able to install Windows 10 and get to the desktop and access the internet, but there are some problems and things missing (such as my Internal HD), probably resulting from going through BIOS the wrong way as well as perhaps connecting cables the wrong way...
  4. mkharman

    [SOLVED] What is the most reliable 6TB HDD

    I want to build my next gaming rig. I intend to buy the Gigabyte Z390 AORUS MASTER ATX LGA1151 Motherboard so it has to be compatible with it, if it's a factor that is I am searching for the most reliable 6TB HDD to store my games, music and movies since the latter two I tend not do delete. So...
  5. R

    Question Laptop Stuck in Automatic Repair Loop - Files WON'T transfer to different device?

    So I have an Asus Q504U, Windows 10 64-bit (latest or 2nd to latest update; i.e. Nov 2019-ish), 12 GB RAM, 1TB storage (which is the issue at hand). On it, there are about 120-200 GB of family photos, school work, and other things. In November the laptop turned off during a Windows Update and...
  6. R

    [SOLVED] Internal HDD space remaining decreasing when zipping files on external HDD

    Hi There, Apologies if this thread already exists.. I wanted to zip about 500 GB worth of files (mostly images and vids from camera) and then copy them onto my PCs HDD. I started by connecting my WD Passport external HDD (4TB) into my PCs USB 3.0 port. I noticed that as more and more of the...
  7. I

    Question I want to move my HDD to a friend's pc to download and after move it back to mine.

    My internet speed is very slow (~500kbps) And his is about 20MBps. If i were to take my nearly empty HDD with only the Oculus app and Steam and either switch it with his HDD currently in his pc or place it inside with his HDD would this work and cause no issues or would we have some issues with...
  8. kartiksingh957

    Question Does this mean my internal hard drive is corrupt ?

    As I switched on my PC I got message to insert a boot drive so I knew something's wrong with windows After running system check it said boot bcd error 0xc0000098 so I tried reinstalling windows but got to know that I cant select drive because I have 0mb space I went to bios and checked, the...
  9. S

    1600 Mhz DDR3 ram only show up as 1333Mhz on Bios

    Hi guys, i am using 2 stick of Gkill DDR3 ram booth rated at 1600Mhz, they are not exactly the same model ( cause i bought them separately ). but when i installed both stick, one of them show up as 1333Mhz, the other is fine. i tried to turn on XPM profile but no changed. image...
  10. H

    Hello to everyone

    I clearly don't understand how this site works. First stupid post complete.
  11. S

    What drivers will I need for ASUS STRIX-GTX1070-O8G-Gaming Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 Graphics Card

    Title. I've been getting confused over drivers so if someone would be kind enough to tell me which ones I need from the website, I'd be greatly appreciative. Windows 10 64-bit I believe this is the correct link -...
  12. M

    Wifi Security Needs

    I have been monitoring wifi signals around my home with Acrylic Wifi software. I noticed that my signals show 2 stars for network security where some of the offices around here have 5 stars for their level of security. I have Linksys smartwifi with WPA2 and my router is only accessible by...
  13. W

    My monitor is randomly loosing signal !! HELP

    so my monitor will randomly loose signal and i do not know why and to counteract this i will have to turn my pc off and turn it back off my holding the power button. sometimes it happends when Iam away with the oc and sometimes it happens when Iam at the pc interacting with it. I dont know if...
  14. Illumynization

    FreeSync or 1060?

    Hey guys, I just bought this monitor It has freesync and somewhere around 60Hz-75Hz I am in the market for a new graphics card. Should I just get a 1060 for the better performance or an RX 480 for the freesync capabilities? The RX...
  15. AGiLE KiTTY

    R9 390x or gtx 1060 or rx 480

    Which one should I buy? Thank you 390x is about 120$ more expensive than gtx 1060 Rx 480 is the cheapest one around
  16. T

    Installed new motherboard now no display on monitor.

    Hello, I recently installed a new motherboard into a new build. I kept all the previous components I had. After the build upon startup everything seemed to work fine except for the fact that I will get no display. After a minute I will hit the reset button once or twice, the computer will...
  17. EvooHD

    corsair carbide spec-03 (212X Cooler)

    Hello i wanted to know, if i can fit in my case HYPER 212X Cooler, i have "corsair carbide spec-03" Blue i already watched some TechSpecs and the Diference is 1mm, my case allow 157mm, 212x ir 158mm. Will there be problem?? or im good ? saw some videos that has in 212X. on...
  18. G

    Mobo/processor upgrade help

    I'm looking to add another copy of my graphics card to my build but i will need a new motherboard (2x PCI-e), CPU, and PSU. What would be a good processor/motherboard combination to get that would be good with 2 Asus R9 280x Directcu ii cards? Looking to stay under $400. My current setup...
  19. G

    Asus Strix 7.1

    I recently picked up myself a pair of Asus Strix 7.1, I am curious if many others have given them a try? I have a pair of Astro A50's, my Beyerdynamics MMX 300 and now going to try these out later on.
  20. Puksion

    Im buying new procesor, i need suggest for psu

    I have gainward gtx 460se and i will buy amd fx-8350 in few days. Will it be enough chieftec power suply from 550w to run this together? EDIT: Btw i have one more question, what´s the diffetence betwen GIGABYTE GA-990XA-UD3 rev.1.1 and GA-990XA-UD3 rev. 3.0 ? I see rev 1.1 have higher price...