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  1. O

    [SOLVED] m.2 ssd on a pci adapter to motherboard. Will it always be the first drive that the pc will boot from?

    Hello, I had an ssd on a pci adapter as my first and only boot drive. I got a strange error while running Windows 10 and then it eventually was not accessible trying to do a fresh Windows10 install from a usb stick. And I reinstalled to the HDD that originally came with the computer. So now...
  2. D

    [SOLVED] Mounting external SSD internally

    I have a Toshiba x10 portable SSD that I was using for uni. Now that the course is all done I would like to use it permanently on my desktop pc but I don't want it dangling out of a usb port. I was wondering if anyone could help me with a way to mount it internally to use as storage without...
  3. klippenwald

    Question internal storage on T-Mobile Alcatel 3 T8 Tablet

    I'm having no end of difficulty with this tablet and storage problems. We got the tablet as a "freebie" when you add a line to a plan. I've never had an android mobile device before, but I pretty much expected some intuitive menus and a decent OS. Initially, I thought I was right. Simple...