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  1. F

    Question My apps won't work

    I've recently , took all my components out of my pc to clean them . piece by piece , and when I tried to open it , I had an issue with the bios , but I managed so solve it . Well now , when I try to play a game , a multiplayer game , after a couple of seconds I get disconnected saying I lost...
  2. T

    [SOLVED] Amber light on Xfi gateway

    I have had this light green(gig connection) for the longest time and it has turned amber(100mbps connection). i have had and fixed this issue before but have not had the same luck this go around so this is the last resort. I pay for 400 mbps and usually get 350+ but now I'm capped at 100 due to...
  3. Christopher_cc

    Question I can't connect to the internet anymore, is this a motherboard problem?

    So it was first a lesser of a problem. My internet was capped at 10 mbps since I moved my pc to another room. Download speed was a huge pain so I decided to reset my pc. Unfortunately, it didn't work. It worsened the problem. Now, I couldn't be able to connect to the internet anymore after...
  4. R

    [SOLVED] Using cat5 cable for streaming!!!

    I use a cat5 lan cable to connect my pc to internet I get slow net on pc and obs bitrate is unstable (my internet is good) But the same net on phone is very OP Should i change the lan cable? And which one? Cat6 or Cat5e
  5. I

    [SOLVED] Need help

    Hey guys need a bit of help , my internet connection has a 2.4ghz giving 100 mbps and 5 ghz giving 200 mbps < now my ethernet cable is a cat 5 which supports up to 100mbps ofc , i wanna change it to either cat 6 or a fiber optic cable < which is better and which is supported by my motherboard...
  6. R

    [SOLVED] Why am I losing internet connection when I connect a second monitor?

    So I have been using 1 monitor for the last year everything’s been fine. However I have recently added an extra 4k monitor. So now I have a 2 monitor set up. Suddenly after a few seconds of turning my new set up my internet stopped working. After trying to trouble shoot I couldn’t figure out...
  7. V

    Question Need help with random 200+ ms spikes

    So basically about a month ago my internet started being really weird. Out of nowhere my 50-100 ping would shoot up by an extra 200 ping no matter what game I play. I've tried everything. Uninstalled and reinstalled my drivers, changing regedit settings, changing router settings, etc and nothing...
  8. N

    Question Getting 1mbps

    The laptop my work gave me to work from home is only getting 1mbps even though I pay for 20mbps, my desktop which is connected via Ethernet is getting 20mbps, all phones and tv's are getting the correct speeds as well. I am connected to the could which lets me access all my work info, the laptop...
  9. T

    [SOLVED] Can't connect to ANY online game; but can browse the web, watch YouTube, etc. easily.

    [OS = Windows 10] Hello, This is a problem that I've actually encountered before, which I didn't solve myself, it just randomly solved itself, with no warning or anything. It happened maybe a year ago, but that's not what i'm going to talk about. This happened just recently, I reset the...
  10. R

    [SOLVED] How to achieve a single digit ping?

    I play Fortnite competitively and I’ve might a decent amount of money for a 15 year old off it but the problem is, I play on about 40 ping. I live about 98 miles from the Ohio server for Fortnite and some people said you have to be within 150km to get 0 ping (not actually 0 just rounded down)...
  11. R

    Question Can't Game on LTE

    I recently upgraded my internet to LTE because our ADSL was absolutely atrocious. Problem is I can't game online with it. The download speed is very fast and i can browse the web, but on any game like Fallout 76 or Elder Scrolls Online I say play and I can't connect to the server. I've set my...
  12. Bheepal05

    Question Ping spikes oftenly

    I am currently having a 100 mbps internet conenction which is pretty decent to me. But I have an internet problem on my pc. On discord and games such as CS:GO my ping often spikes to 600 and up to 1000+. I tried running a speedtest on the web and it seems fine with average 11 ping and 100 mbps...
  13. Dmit99

    Question Internet crashes when playing minecraft

    I recently made my own minecraft server with portforwarding. When I want to join the server my server can't keep up the system and I'm getting kicked out. And then my internet stops working. Have to wait until the modem resets and then I've internet again. This happens everytime I join the...