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  1. signum_

    Question Internet sometimes cuts out for a few seconds / Wifi is extremely slow

    I just moved into a new place, and thankfully, the internet here is a lot better than it was in my parent's home. I usually get a consistent 90 Mbps download as well as 15-20 Mbps upload. The problem is, it just cuts out completely 3 or 4 seconds, sometimes longer. The frequency of this seems to...
  2. K

    [SOLVED] Internet Cutting out Often

    So I have xfinity as my internet provider and currently pay for 60 mb/s (not sure if that matters in this case), however I have days where I'm playing games (usually Rocket League) and my internet cuts out randomly every 5 minutes or so and the only solution I've found is to alt-tab and...
  3. E

    Question Internet cutting out every 30 seconds

    Although I have DSL internet, the consoles at my house play flawless, as well as the other PC in my house that is used by my two brothers for roblox and stuff. I have mainly been playing CSGO and rust and they both cut out just as frequently, these cutouts also affect discord. I have tried...