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  1. NoobxCamper

    [SOLVED] Asus PCIe Card Disconnecting When Downloading

    I keep having this problem with my Asus PCIe wifi card that keeps disconnecting me if I am downloading any large file(s) after maybe 5-10 minutes of downloading. However, this only happens when I am connected to the 5ghz network, and works fine on the 2.4ghz network, albeit slower. I updated all...
  2. D

    [SOLVED] Internet stops working 1 minute after boot. Both Wired and Wireless.

    I have a very odd and frustrating problem. I lose internet about a minute after booting up. Nothings changed. I use my PC every weekend. It's not a daily used machine since I work on a Mac. But Last weekend the machine was perfectly fine. Now it won't keep an internet connection after it boots...
  3. Boris_yo

    Question iPad Disconnects From ISP's Modem

    Hello, I have coaxial cable internet with Sagemcom F@st 3184 modem provided by my ISP. Initially I was using Edimax BR-6428nS wireless router and didn't have problem with disconnection. After I removed it and left only modem, problems started. I have laptop, desktop PC, Samsung tablet, Samsung...
  4. C

    Question My internet speed has gradually decreased overtime

    Long story short, had about 3-4 xfinity technician come in to fix our slow internet speed that was consistently dropping and failing. In the end, it turned out to be the coax cable outside of our house that runs from the cable box to the modem Xfi gateway that was old and corroded. Since then...
  5. C

    Question Consistent Internet Drops

    Last year, we've been getting good internet connections, re-setting it was seldom. This year, we've been getting more and more internet disconnection. As of Summer of 2019, it has just gotten worst. Our customer support told us that it was time to upgrade from the XB3 model to the XB6 model and...
  6. C

    Question Xfinity Modem / Router internet keeps disconnecting

    I have a modem / router from Xfinity and just about everyday, our internet keeps disconnecting two or three times a day, everyday. If any of you have similar problems and have resolved this issue, please share me your solutions. Would anybody tell me if a "dual band router" like this one here...