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  1. managen

    Question IDM error(Cannot download file)::: Cannot create secure connection.

    Latest version IDM. Legit Licence(trial). Been using IDM since forever and this is the first time i'm encountering problem like this. It started with updating to latest Version 9.36.1 But here's the tricky part, It can download files from IDM server and But not from other website. So...
  2. PaulAlcorn

    Into The 7nm Era: An Interview With AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su

    We had a chance to sit down with AMD CEO Lisa Su to discuss the company’s successes over the last year and its plans for the future. Into The 7nm Era: An Interview With AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su : Read more
  3. J

    CPU fan and case fan run as soon as i plug in power cord

    both my fans run without me touching anything and just plugging in power cords, no graphics card or anything in it, also no power to motherboard pressing power button does nothing
  4. R

    Asus monitor VGA display not working

    I have just done the windows update (i dont know if this matters) and now my monitor that uses a vga cable will not work. I have replaced the cable which made it work for a few minutes but then when i left it and came back it says no signal Cheers