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  1. Roy Barzilay

    Question My internet connection is dropping whenever I open a folder on my windows 10

    Whenever I open file explorer my internet connection drops to 0 for 5 seconds or so and then comes back. I have tried to fix this issue many times but any solution I found on the internet didn't work for me. I have tried all kinds of stuff like updating drivers, deleting suspicious programs...
  2. E

    Question Internet cutting out every 30 seconds

    Although I have DSL internet, the consoles at my house play flawless, as well as the other PC in my house that is used by my two brothers for roblox and stuff. I have mainly been playing CSGO and rust and they both cut out just as frequently, these cutouts also affect discord. I have tried...
  3. C

    Upgrading from a Rx480

    I want to upgrade from my Amd Radeon Rx 480 and I don't know what to upgrade to. I have a i7 7700 cpu and about £450 budget. Thanks
  4. I

    1xPG258Q & 2xPB258Q Independent Refresh Rate Settings in Games

    Hello Friends! I hope this isn't too tough of a question, I will clarify if requested! Preface I am looking to run a triple monitor setup. I currently own 1xPB258Q @ 60Hz. I will be buying a 1xPG258Q @ 240Hz in about a week, then another 1xPB258Q @ 60Hz in about a month. My Question Will I be...