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    Question My internet speed on my pc is staying slow compared to other devices

    I have a very decent gaming PC with a dedicated PCI WiFi card and yadayada, but my internet speed stays at ~25mbps, while my mac is up at 100mbps. Plugging in ethernet into the mobo does not help, please i need a fix! I have made sure I have all the drivers, my wifi card can support up to 6Gbps...
  2. Question Getting Very Slow LAN Connection

    I have this strange issue where my LAN connection speed is very slow compared to WiFi speed. My ISP plan is 400Mbps with Spectrum (via coax). Coax internet is going to Cable Modem and then Ethernet cable to Wireless Router via WAN port (all provided and setup by Spectrum) At home, I have...
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    Question Network adapter problem?

    Hello all, I recently have started to have a issue with limited internet speed on my desktop. My current speed is 80mb download rate, and my laptop gets it just fine (laptop asus G751JY). However my desktop is another story, it only gets 8mb download speed. I have done the following, I have...