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  1. vSlzzy

    Question Pc speeds being capped at 400mbps when I pay for 1200mbps

    When I check my speeds on a wired CAT8 ethernet cable my mbps is capped out at 400mbps when I pay for 1200mbps, I have tried all the troubleshooting to fix it. My router and modem are capable for gigbit speeds why am I stuck on 400mbps. My Iphone was also able to hit speeds up to 600mbps on...
  2. F

    Question Not getting fast speeds even with a cat 6 Ethernet cable.

    So recently I upgraded my internet to 500mbps. When I use my phone or any other device in the house they’re getting speeds of about 300+mbps. Even when I connect a wifi card into my pc that I know is good I’m not getting any higher than 60mbps. Is my pc not good enough? Or am I just dumb? Or both?
  3. cculby

    [SOLVED] Getting less than 100 kbps download when should be 25 MBps

    I am using an ethernet cable for my desktop and ran a speed test that says I am getting 220 mbps download. But I am downloading a 4GB file and only getting 100 kbps which will take 10 hours. I already called my ISP and they said nothing was wrong on their end. Any help would be much appreciated...
  4. G

    Quick question on WD MYBOOK

    Hey guys, first time posting. I recently bought a WD MY BOOK 4TB newest model and have gotten scared about losing my data if my enclosure dies due to some software/hardware encryption bullshit. Do you guys think if I should remove the harddrive from MY BOOK and reformat it to remove the...
  5. Shaina11

    Does Guru3D Host All GPU Drivers?

    I'm currently archiving drivers compatible with every GPU model, oldest to newest and I was wondering, does host most if not all of the drivers from Nvidia, ATI and Intel? If so, it'll make my driver hunt much easier rather than having to name specific GPU models and Windows versions...