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Forum discussion tagged with internetspeed.
  1. dollouva

    Question Internet Conncetion Speed - How to increase download speed.

    I have 10mbps internet speed, I also speed tested it and yes it is 10mbps download speed. But when I download files, I have only 1mbps speed. Is this my internet download manager or something else? Like the settings on router or maybe my isp limited my bandwidth?
  2. B

    Question I have serious problem with my PING

    My and my brother we have same PC Hardware/Software and we are connected LAN via Switch our NetSpeed is 40Mbps, but the problem is when we play games - Online games of course my ping is above 400+ his is 30-50 max, every single time, when i make speed net test, my speed it's same as my brother...
  3. S

    Exclusive: Razer's New 'Mecha-Membrane' Switch And Ornata Chroma Keyboard, Hands On

    Razer created a new switch--a sort-of-mechanical "Mecha Membrane" affair--and baked some into a pair of new, squarish keyboards paired with the biggest, squishiest wrest rest I've ever seen. Exclusive: Razer's New 'Mecha-Membrane' Switch And Ornata Chroma Keyboard, Hands On : Read more