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    Question Very Slow Transfer Speeds Within Network

    So I will relay my situation that I have been experiencing for the past month or so as well as the troubleshooting steps that I have performed and hopefully someone points out an 'AH-HA' moment and I can finally get this resolved. So the scenario is I have 3 computers, all with static IPs all...
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    [SOLVED] Accessing intranet from outside network

    Hi, I have a question regarding accessing my local network from outside location. I would like to do 2 things - if they are possible, and such solutions would be mutually compatible. Let's call the network i want to access - Network A, and the other one, in another location Network B. I want to...
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    Something is killing my SSD`s one by one in my pc

    3 days ago after booting up my pc my motherboard BIOS told me that it couldnt find my boot drive(Samsung 850 pro 256 gb) i tested the connections , swapped SATA and power cables but nothing , hooked it up to my other pc , windows storage device manager , and samsung magician saw only an...
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    USB Problem - Keeps Randomly Disconnecting

    Hi guys, so for the past few weeks I've been having an extremely wierd problem. It started roughly around 15 days ago. My keyboard and mouse randomly disconnect and freeze, so I can not give the computer any input. However, I noticed this happens for all of my usb peripherals such as my headset...
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    Building a new system with parts from the old

    I'd like to upgrade my system. I have a fairly old HP P7-1421 which has an AMD A8-5500 APU. I recently bought an NVIDIA GTX 1050 graphics card which dramatically improved the speed of play of Civ VI, but my system still apparently doesn't meet the requirements to see all the graphics features...
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    Very hot i7-7700k

    I have always thought since I built this pc a couple months ago that my i7 was pretty hot. I have had a realtemp on for the past two days. When playing games like shadow of mordor or R6 the temps go all the way up to 84c. I dont like my cpu being in the 70s let alone 84. My cooler is the corsair...
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    yaris starting problem and accelerate pedal not accelerating

    Good morning guys, am driving 2010 model T1 yaris and the problem is it start perfect and after 5 or 10min it will change idliling then the accelerate pedal it work work anymore after the engine is warm pls help me its a hatchback 3cylinder
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    PC for grandpa

    Hi, My grandpa has an old machine which need to be upgraded. But i don't know if it is worth it. Specs right now: CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo e4400 1.8 Ghz MOBO: I don't know the exact one but it uses ddr2 and is from 2007 GPU: Nvidia GT8400 GS HDD: 200 GB RAM: 2x1 GB DDR2 RAM I was thinking about...
  9. ReflexAction

    No Hard Disk Detected

    Hello i am using Asus P7P55D-LE on boot screen this message shows up Marvell Controller... ''No Hard Disk Detected'' i search on internet everybody says go Advanced/Onboard Devices Configuration at bios but there is no information about Marvell controllers in that setting its have Jmicron...
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    How to connect my laptop (VGA port) to TV (HDMI port) to use as a monitor?

    I have a VGA to HDMI connector cable, but when I connect it to my computer, the TV displays "no signal" though the computer is acknowledging the connection to the TV. Any advice?
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    Maximus VIII Not Supporting Quad-Channel RAM?

    Hey guys, I purchased a few sticks of ram for my Skylake setup I just got. Im using the Maximus VIII ranger and its 16 GB in quad channel for slightly faster speeds. My problem is: The system won't post unless it has only 8 GB of memory installed in dual-channel configuration. I made sure its...
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    Does the motherboard come with a microphone?

    Hey, What component in the PC comes with a microphone. Do I have to buy a seperate headset with a microphone? Thanks
  13. T

    Looking for a Displayport Cable

    Hello, I know this may seem ridiculous but I have looked all over Amazon to find a Displayport to Displayport cable so that I can hook my monitor up to my PC's in-built graphics card (working on buying a good one, and couldn't find much) I wanted to find a Displayport 1.3 if possible so that it...
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    Installed new gpu and cpu temp starts going crazy

    Recently I got a Gigabyte R9 270x Windforce gpu after my old card gave out on me but ever since I've installed it, my cpu (I have an Intel i7 950 Quad-Core 3.07 GHz cpu) has been giving me crazy readings from 80-90+ degrees celsius but my gpu stayed under 60 at almost all times playing some...
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    GPU crashes while gaming, but any other time works

    When I'm browsing or watching a movie everything works fine. But when I start to play no matter what. Fifa 14, MW1,CS GO, my gpu crashes after some time. Sometimes earlier sometimes later. It's old an HD4850 But I don't know whats wrong. I was trying with older drivers too.
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    Choosing a keyboard - Corsair K65 or other?

    Okay, so I've been looking for a new keyboard for a while, and I'm thinking of buying the K65. I don't need macro keys, but media keys would be nice, preferably tenkeyless as well but that's less important. Oh, and I'd like something with either cherry mx red or brown switches. My budget is...
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    USB Flash Drive Not Recognized After Formatting On Windows 8 Machine

    I have a Super Talent 3.0 64 gb usb drive that once I format it on my Win. 8 computer, it won't show up on a Win. 7 or XP pc, It won't work on my Roku, or my Ford Sync. I don't know what's going on. I've formatted it in Fat32, NTFS, exFAT. I've repartitioned it, cloned it from another...
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    how do I make a new thread?

    I am new but how do I make an answer thread and a question thread?
  19. S

    Best GPU for gaming?

    Hey guys I'm building a gaming PC and I was wondering which of these GPUs would give me the highest fps at 1080p- 1. Sapphire dual-x r9 280x 2. XFX double dissipation (not black) r9 280x 3. MSI twin frozr r9 285(not x)
  20. G

    Upgrading graphics card in 3 year old rig HD-5670 to R7 265?

    Expected purchase date: next day or days Looking to upgrade my graphics card, current setup: ASRock 870 EXTREME3 AM3 AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Ed. (unlocked) not overclocked 4x2gb Mushkin enhanced DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666) 2 7200rpm HDDs(.5 and 1 TB) XFX HD-567X Radeon HD 5670 Corsair CX430 psu...