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    Question UPS & PSU problem.

    Hey there, I want to purchase a UPS for my PC. Here's my build: I already have an inverter installed at my house but without UPS feature. It has a 150AH battery connected to it. Now I'm looking for a UPS so that my Computer doesn't Shut off during power...
  2. S

    is the CM hyper 212 LED enough for the I7-7700k at stock speeds?

    I want to purchase the Hyper 212 LED but I’m not sure if it’s enough for the 7700k, and I won’t be over clocking the CPU. Is it enough?
  3. C

    Dell Dimension C521 Motherboard Removal

    I am needing to replace the Capacitors near the RAM on a Dimension C521. Is it possible to remove the motherboard without removing the CPU Cooler? I am only needing to replace the capacitors. If it is possible. What are the instructions on removing the motherboard, without taking the CPU Cooler...
  4. M

    PC keeps on showing BSOD Critical Process Died after the Windows Loading Screen

    I've tried sfc/scannow + chkdsk/f + a lot of other things. I've also tried restarting in Safe Mode, but PC keeps on showing BSOD Critical Process Died. Please help! PS: PC keeps on restarting forever until such time that even the monitor fails to show the display.
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    Will a better GPU help my 60 Hz monitor or not?

    Hello, I would like to ask how does it work if the GPU is capable of outputting more fps than the monitor can actually output? I just built my first built, however, the GPU (GTX 1050 Ti) should arrive soon and someone before has mentioned that a 60 Hz monitor with refresh rate of 60 isn't good...
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    Sony Vegas Pro 13 'Not Responding' When Attempting To Render

    As the title says, when I press "Render As", Vegas pro just says "Not Responding" and so I haven't been able to render the video. Is there a known fix? Thanks
  7. Q

    which CPU has build-in 400 watts power supply

    which CPU has build-in 400 watts power supply that can handle i5 2300, gtx 750, 8gb ram????
  8. O

    i dont know if these are compatible. HELP ME

    i dont know if these are compatible. Can someone help? motherboard: B85M-E45 graphics card: GTX 970 GAMING 4G
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    Malicious driver? (which failed to install on windows 7 boot)

    Hello, My computer configuration has been the same for quite a while and everything was fine. In the recent 3-4 boots, as Windows 7 loads, I get an error that a "Device driver software was not successfully installed". This is somewhat strange, since I have made no changes to the PC hardware...
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    Can Someone Recommend PSU for My Build?

    Hello. I need help finding the right PSU for my build. I will link it. Thanks For Any Help :)
  11. geomam

    Rampage II Extreme BIOS error

    Hello. I have a Asus Rampage II Extreme motherboard and i have this problem. When i disconnect the power cord or just switch off the PSU, when i boot up again the pc, motherboard doesnt keep the BIOS settings and i have to go again with F1 to fix everything again. I have change the battery, i...
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    Having a problem with flickering in just about every game

    I just started noticing this a couple weeks ago, I thought at first I was maybe being hypersensitive but after trying to ignore the issue I jus't cant anymore. It seems like my graphics have suddenly taken on a flickery/shimmery quality, it is most noticeable on distant objects, textures, and...
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    Shopping list for Custom Build

    Hi Everyone, It is my first time trying to build a custom gaming PC and I was wondering if anyone could suggest a list so I have an idea of what to get. My budget is about $2700. I am looking at Intel processors and I also want it to have 4K capabilities. What do you suggest?