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    Between a budget Asus or Lenovo laptop, which one would you choose in terms of reliability?

    Hi everyone, I want to buy a roughly 1000$ gaming laptop, and my mother is an Asus "supporter"(she trusts Asus a lot in terms of quality and performance) but please take a quick look at this model: The reviews are...
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    Setup did not find any hard disk drives

    PhoenixBios Setup Utility Notebook Model Presario C500 (GF572UA#ABA) System Board ID 30C6 Processor Type Genuine Intel(R) CPU T2080 Socket M / Socket mPGA478MT Processor Speed 1.73GHz Total Memory 2048 MB BIOS Version F.24 Serial...
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    BIOS Failure: CPU Fan Acting Up

    Hey Everyone, Last month, or so, I powered on my PC and received a "BIOS Failure" message. I'm not 100% sure what else it said as I lazily clicked through it in order to play some games. The first thing I noticed was that my fans, especially my CPU fan, started acting up. When it is only under...
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    Problem with RT-AC5300 ASUS Router

    Hello, I am having trouble getting my RT-AC5300 ASUS router to work. I have it plugged into my modem and there is no wireless signal. I have tried using a wired connection and I get assigned a 169 ip. I have tried disabling IPv6 and setting my IP address to, mask
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    Windows on Weight Watchers? "Lean" Version Spotted

    A beta tester has discovered a new version of Windows in a recent Insider build. Dubbed Windows 10 Lean, this OS uses less storage space. Windows on Weight Watchers? "Lean" Version Spotted : Read more
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    Will the Cooler master masterbox lite 5 rgb work on my Gigabyte h270-hd3 work?

    Im planning to get the case but worried that it wouldnt work.I think my Motherboard doesnt have a rgb header but will the rgb fans still light up?
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    Msi x370 pro carbon OC

    I overclocked my ryzen 1600 to 3.85 @1.3500v stable, but even if im enabling cool and quiet hw monitor shows same voltage even if cpu is idle and downclock. So my question is is there any way on this mobo so i can downvolt cpu when idling.... Dont like running 24/7 on 1.35v....sorry on my english
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    is a gt 710 gddr5 as fast as a gt 730 gddr5?

    Im looking in getting a gpu for my temp pc and I know the cpu will bottleneck a gt 730. the gt 710 is cheaper than the 730 and thats why I ask
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    Which cpu is better?

    Should i get the new amd processers everyone talks about like the 1600x or stick with intel. Im playing guys like arma 3 and dayz.
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    Camera w/out power supply

    HAVE A N390 security camera with its connecting wires, a red and yellow rcvjack connectors and a cord with a connector to go to power but no power source to connect to and I have an older protection tv
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    Connect done camera wires too power and video

    I cannot figure this out for the life of me my camera has 2 red wires , 1 yellow and 1 bare copper wire and I need to hook it up to a 12 volt power supply and the video cable does anyone have a clue how to do this the camera sais ltcmd708w and no. 812009010931
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    Water in power supply, didn't turn off immediately

    This morning I woke up, and tried turning my pic on, nothing happens. I check the power supply, and hearing a hissing sound like water boiling in a sauce pan. I unplug everything, but the damage seems to already be done. The inside of the power supply seems to have water damage (white spots that...
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    Help with video/monitor question

    I'm legally blind. Size matters to me. I'm currently running 1200 x 675 on a 27 inch monitor. The text is still too small in many cases and I find myself using the magnifier app often. I'm considering the purchase of a 40 inch curved screen monitor. Something like the Phillips BDM 4037VU8...
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    Upgrading a computer that will eventually become a streaming/pure workstation PC?

    So I have a prebuilt PC for a few years, and I expect to be using it for atleast another 2-3 years before I actually get to building a main rig for myself. Right now i'm doing streaming, content creation and gaming all on this one computer so far, and I have to say that it's actually performing...
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    i7 6700k stuttering, issues tabbing

    Ive had a 6700k for about 7 months now, been running stock the whole time, never had any issues with it til recently its started acting wierd. It started to like stutter while doing things, mostly when switching between apps, or if i am gaming and have things like team speak open and maybe...
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    I have Vengeance LPX 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4 DRAM 2400MHz C14 at my build and I wanna ask you about some memory config scenarios

    I wanna ask you because i don't know what is better configuration for my memory profile 1) 2.400GHz without X.M.P. 2.0 2) 2.400 GHz with XMP 2.0 enabled who if I'm not wrong is an overclock to the RAM What I win with open XMP and What I lose What i win with closed XMP and what i lose...
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    Black/Red Gaming Motherboard

    Looking for a black and red gaming motherboard that supports ddr4 ram, and for a cpu I'm prob getting a i3-6100 or maybe a pentinum g4560. I have a decent size case so i dont want anything really small. maybe a micro atx or a size up from that. Also I'm looking for 4 ram slots if possible and...
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    Which one is the best gpu

    im really confused that wat to buy so tell me that which one is a better gpu Gt440 inno3d, gt 730 gigabyte, amd ati radion hd 5670, quadro 2000. my budget is only 50$ if u got any better gpu other that i posted so plz share me
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    I can't get my monitor to connect to my new PC

    So I built a new computer and everything looks good because all the lights are on and all the fans are spinning. After that I bought a new 23.8 inch acer monitor and hooked it up to my pc via hdmi cable. I turned on my pc then my monitor to see this. The acer logo coming up for a few seconds...
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    Uninstall/Reinstall Windows Explorer

    how to uninstall and reinstall windows explorer in win 7