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Forum discussion tagged with iOS.
  1. S

    Question Cisco ASA Help IPSEC Tunnel is up but I cant ping remote hosts and Vice Versa

    Hey as the title says, this is my first IPSEC tunnel I've set up it seems like almost everything is good and I have the tunnel active but I cant ping remote hosts I swear its like on config off from working so very simple set up here at my house (GFIREWALL) I use and at the...
  2. A

    Question Unstable Ping in iOS devices with various WiFi Hotspots

    Hi there! I have this weird issue where I can't seems to understand what's causing the problem. So, my locality do not have broadband connectivity, so I have to rely on 4G hotspot to use my devices and I face weird ping fluctuations and packet loss in my iPhone and iPad, while having no issue...
  3. N

    Question i got ipad mini 2 and i need to unlock

    i have a old ipad mini 2 and i reset it and it got unlocked, i dont know the email and password,the bill and box associated with the device, how to unlock it? somebody please help me with this
  4. D

    Question How to obtain a decommissioned iOS App which still works ?

    Hello Friends, [ To begin with , I did not find a section for iOS / iPhone / iPad and hence posting under applications - please move to the correct forum if inaccurate ] I am looking for a specific iOS app which has now been discontinued and is not available on the App Store. ( Even if I...
  5. W

    Question Quick Question about updating on iTunes

    I need the data on my phone and I can't back it up so I'm trying to update it instead of restoring it. I plugged it in and downloaded the software via iTunes and after it extracted the software it said "Preparing your phone for restore". I unplugged the phone as I don't want to restore it. Is...
  6. M

    Question two step authentication change

    how can i take off two step authentication on the iphone? i know it make it less secure but it's also preventing me from logging in on my other device. it asks me the the authentication code but it doesn't give me the option to type it in, which is why i want to remove it. i've tried going...
  7. K

    [SOLVED] How can I extract my information from my broken Iphone4s ?

    Hello I have a problem with my iphone 4. I have a broken Iphone 4s and I need to get my information from it (Photos and etc.). The problem is that it can't charge, because the power supplienpin is broken. I want to if I need to go to a service to get the information or if I can do it myself.
  8. U

    Question Is key logging even possible for iOS/iPhone?

    Websites that sell their product claiming to be able to monitor activity on an iPhone, are those even real? Because I heard that key loggers can't even work on iOS....
  9. G

    Question Please Help!!! iphone battery

    Hey i need a new battery for my old iphone 5s because the battery is very very low capacity and my question is where should i buy a new battery from i would like the have the original or at least high quality one and im also from europe so i dont want to pay more for the shipping than for the...
  10. D

    Question My iphone seven is in bootloop i tried to restore or update it but the itunes shows cannot restore this iphone error 4013.

    My iphone seven is in bootloop i tried to restore or update it but the itunes shows cannot restore this iphone error 4013.The phone shows the apple logo and the loading line logo below that but after that it restarts and tge error shows up on itunes which is the error 4013. My phone is iphone...
  11. rodion15

    Any good website or book for iOS troubleshooting?

    I’m a repair technician still learning iOS. I know this question may seem improper, but I’m so fed up with having to research and test myself iOS to learn how it works that here it goes: I’d be immensely grateful if anyone suggested to me a good book or website explaining iOS for technicians...
  12. D

    Question Looking to transfer files from iOS to Win PC over WiFi in background

    Working with an app that stores files in its own directory on iOS. Needing to have them have them moved over WiFi to a Windows PC without any user intervention (background). So far haven’t found any apps or tools. Suggestions? Much appreciated, David
  13. O

    Question Where to ask questions about ios?

    Where to ask questions about ios? Thanks.
  14. H

    Best laptop under 4000 USD

    I want to learn and master programming , hacking and PEN-TESTING . So I need a great laptop for it. Could you give me some suggestions for it?
  15. D

    Question How to Use Apple/iOS Emojis on Windows 10?

    Hi everyone. Does anyone know of any way to use Apple/iOS emojis on Windows 10? I need to use emojis for something, but I think the emojis on Windows 10 are relatively ugly compared to Apple/iOS emojis. Does anyone know of any way at all to use Apple/iOS emojis on Windows 10? Or is there a...
  16. asem1123

    Question How do I shut down my iPhone if the touchscreen is 100% broken

    I can't find an option for iOS or iPhone so I'm posting this in the Macbook category. My iPhone's touchscreen completely stopped working and I'm wondering how to shut it down, because it needs to swipe and if the touchscreen is dead, obviously you can't swipe and if I tried hard reset it will...
  17. Jsimenhoff

    Review Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses Review: AR Fun Over Fashion

    The typical consumer has a tough time seeing the value in smart glasses. Early iterations, such as the Google Glass, were shunned due to their robotic, social-life-killing looks. Vuzix Blade has a leg up on competing augmented reality (AR) smart glasses because the company has already made a...
  18. F

    Question My pc won't boot

    A few months ago my pc stopped booting and I couldn't figure out why. I assumed I had burnt out the cpu as it was an older one that wasn't able to keep up with the intense renders and processing I was putting it through often running at 100%. I was looking to upgrade my system anyway, but after...
  19. J

    Question Help between two types of monitors for gaming?

    So I just recently built my first computer. I have an Asus strix 2080, i7-9700k, and 16GB 3200Mhz Corsair ram. The monitor I just bought is a 24” Dell that is 1440p, 1ms response time, and 144hz. It was on a sweet deal, but I worried about the fact that it is TN panel. (Model is S2417DG) I was...
  20. D

    Question Why does my Galaxy S9 show that I'm on a 5Ge network?

    Someone on the internet said that my phone doesn't have the right antenna for 5G. But at the top it says 5G. I have AT&T.