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  1. yoday

    Question Unable to port forward for CS1.6 server

    I have a TP Link TL-WR840N Router , with the ISP called D Vois Communications . When I used a different router and ISP few years ago, I was successful to port forward to play with my friends online, but now I am unable to do this with the new ISP. I have disabled all the firewalls on my...
  2. J

    Question Accessing an IP outside DHCP range

    I recently bought a used network switch, but i'm struggling to access the web interface as the IP address is clearly out of my DHCP range (Starts with 169.254). I'm kinda new at this so any Ideas how to access the web interface?
  3. N

    [SOLVED] Can't port forward and router is getting the wrong public IP

    I can't seem to port froward anything, I know my settings should be correct because I have not changed anything and they used to work. When trying to work out whats wrong, I noticed the public IP address shown on the router (Fritz box 7490) was different from the IP address shown on...
  4. R

    Question Desktop doesn't connect to internet via wireless bridge after computer restart

    I currently have the below network setup for my desktop. When both the wireless bridge and desktop get turned on together, the setup works, however if I turn the computer off and the bridge remains on, the desktop will not connect to the internet after being turned on again. I therefore have to...
  5. G

    Question Why is my IP adress not the usual format

    I am trying to use my default gateway and my ipv4 address but the format does not look right Can someone help me please
  6. W

    [SOLVED] Can't view Camera Feed Via Anymore

    Ok so I have DVR cameras set up, they are connected to the router via ethernet. After finding out about using web browsers to view the camera feed, I've using it every day. It occasionally changes IP if the router resets or it turns off but I just switch to .4 or.6 and find it. Now when I try to...
  7. saltySquash

    Question Can't connect to game servers when my own server is running?

    I know many of you probably don't know DayZ, but i'm pretty sure it doesn't matter which game it is. I recently tried to make my own local server in this game (DayZ Standalone), i've port forwarded and all that, but when i run it, i can't connect to any dayz servers at all, not even my own, and...
  8. D

    [SOLVED] Manage ips on a workgroup

    Hi, im fairly new to networking but i had a question hopefully someone can help with. I have a lot of pcs to manage 300+ and they are all on a workgroup with the same pc name. but we have to switch them out when they break or need fixed. So then we have to re setup the ip and its all good...
  9. S

    Question How much gb ssd do I need in my system

    So I want to change my hdd in data C with Adata Su800 Ssd. The problem is how much gb do I need on my ssd. And I doesn't place a game in data C maybe just a bit of game. And my Data c is usually contain picture and other things. And Im using win 10
  10. M

    [SOLVED] MSI MS-7634 Ver1.1 a good mobo?

    I'm rebuilding my previous PC and have come across a MSI MS-7634 Ver1.1 mobo is this a good mobo?
  11. R

    Question Want to upgrade my video card on an older PC

    Looking into a newer video card for my aging computer. I'd like some advice whether or not its worth the effort. Intel Core i5 2500K @ 3.30GHz Sandy Bridge 32nm Technology RAM 8.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 802MHz (11-11-11-28) Motherboard...
  12. animefrio24

    [SOLVED] budget gaming

    how much will it cost if I build a medium pc spec for playing games such as gta 5?
  13. nwgamelover

    HP Pavilion 21.5-Inch IPS LED HDMI VGA Monitor (22cwa)

    99 dollar deal is probably my first problem, but after just 4 months, my monitor has started to do a "flash" thing, just once or twice a day so far. It doesn't go black, it just literally flashes, so quick I first thought it was just something on the web. Anyone have some feedback on what it...
  14. extreme_noob

    [SOLVED] Can a bad LAN card cause a bad pool caller?

    Last week I had 5 bad pool caller BSODs, 3 of which I know were tcp/ip. I have tried driver updates and ram tests. The driver updates haven't worked and the ram tests didn't show anything. I also ran malwarebytes and a virus scan, both of which brought up nothing. I was wondering if the...
  15. S

    Looking to upgrade budget £1300-1500

    Hi everyone, I currently have an ASUS N552VW Intel Core i7-6700HQ 16GB 1TB + 128GB SSD NVidia GeForce 960M DVD-DL 15.6 Inch Laptop. I'm looking to make an upgrade (my uni have given me some money to upgrade so I'm making the most of it). I want to be able to play games and run...
  16. S

    Rx 580 problem

    Hello guys,i have just bought a rx 580 4 gig(New,1 week old),The problem is when i turn on my computer just when i can select bios,boot mode i get a weard glitch my screen gets blue lines but then goes away,(green and red line is my monitor problem)it didnt happen with my gtx 770,Is this a...
  17. A

    Mb baked gpu

    My gpu was working for 3 months and then suddenly my pc turned off and my gpu was baked and there was black residue in the PCIe slot of my motherboard. It smelled burnt and when I tried another PCIe slot it started smoking. My mb is msi z370 a pro my gpu is a msi 1080ti and my psu is evga 750...
  18. rcald2000

    Apple iMac (21.5-inch, Mid 2011) - Recommended upgrades?

    specs OS: Sierra RAM: 8 GB (2 GB x 4) storage: 500 GB HDD (5400 RPM I think) Initially I was planning on purchasing a 500 SATA SSD, and simply migrating OS to the drive. But then it occurred to me to enable boot camp and have a 500 GB Apple OS and another 500 GB Windows 10 Pro OS. So now my...
  19. A

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5 2400G randomly closes game after using dual channel Corsair vengeance 2666MHz

    Been using the corsair vengeance for 6 months now and it worked fine single channel as I thought I would upgrade it with another stick when holiday discounts come and ram prices go down. It's one stick of 8GB. After buying another stick it started crashing with bsod codes like "video tdr...
  20. A

    Strong wifi signal but slow internet speeds for new desktop

    Hi everyone, I have noticed with my new desktop pc that although I have full bars from a wifi signal point of view the internet speed seems to be very slow. I am getting usually between 2-3mbps download speeds which is shocking. I have an old laptop that we were using in exactly the same...