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  1. ThunDagaFlare

    [SOLVED] How to see public IP using CMD?

    I wanted to see what my public IP is using CMD ipconfig /all only shows from what i understand internal IP (192.168.x.x) nslookup also only shows 192.168.x.x I want to know if it's possible to see public IP without using browser
  2. O

    Question Does Xfinity ever change the IP address on their Modem/Router combos?

    I have two factor authentication on for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and when I go into the login activity of my accounts it says I logged in from CT last month even though I wasn't there at all then. My instagram data I downloaded shows a new IP Address which is also in CT as I managed to...
  3. C

    Question Ethernet doesn't have valid IP config

    My friend's sister turned their internet off without his knowledge/approval. He got it back on and working but his PC's Ethernet doesn't work anymore. We have tried the basic fixes you see along google such as reinstalling the driver, clearing out caches, and changing the ipv4 IP manually. Also...
  4. O

    Question Instagram IP tracking question

    Hello, There is someone who I believe is harassing me. I'm pretty sure I know who it is. I've gotten messages for about 6 months non stop telling me I've been using fake accounts to harass this girl but I I have not been making any fake accounts. This morning I got a message claiming I...
  5. M

    Question Mirror/stream a screen on a LAN (IP)

    Hello! Im wondering if it is possible to mirror/stream/share a computer screen to an LAN. Which could be accessed by another device whos on the same LAN via the browser (like It should also work when the wifi isnt connected to the internet, so within the LAN itself. Much thanks!
  6. D

    Question Looking for simple internet kill program on IP change

    I am looking for a simple program that detects when IP address on your computer is changed and it disables your entire computer connection to the internet. I find these kind of method to be the best prevention of exposing your real IP address when using proxy.
  7. S

    Question DHCP issue with Netgear smart roaming mesh WiFi

    Hi there! I'm hoping you folks can help me out with a connection issue I've been having since installing a new WiFi extender a couple of weeks ago. I have a new Netgear extender (EX7700/AC2200 - this one) creating a meshed network with my existing Vodaphone router. The new setup is causing...
  8. C

    Question Why is my IP address getting blacklisted by websites?

    A few weeks ago I noticed that I was unable to connect to Cisco Webex from my IP address. When I used a VPN or a mobile hotspot, it worked fine. I also noticed that USPS Click-N-Ship isn't connecting as well, with both websites giving my browser an error page (CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT and...
  9. Question "No Internet Access" for IPv6

    I used to have a wireless internet connection, with that connection I had IPv6 readily available to me. Recently I bought a wired internet connection. When I check the connection status it says "No Internet Access" for IPv6. So then I checked with the Test-IPv6 site. It says "No IPv6 address...
  10. hrishiten

    Question Why does my ping spike up on laptop while gaming when other devices at my home use WIFI?

    So earlier I used to play using WiFi on my PC and had to ask everyone else at home to refrain from using WiFi as it would generate ping spikes. A friend suggested me to use Ethernet connection to solve this ping issue. Yet, even though my laptop is connected to Ethernet the ping spikes upto...
  11. Tight.Budget.Gamer

    [SOLVED] Mac & IP Ban, how to bypass?

    Hi everyone, Good Day! Hope you all are safe and well. I was banned from an online game because I've trash talked a game master, he's soft by the way. Now, I would like so ask for some help, because as the title says I was Mac / IP banned from the game but I've tried to access the game using...
  12. Fletcher32555

    [SOLVED] Server Home Hosting

    Hello, I was planning on home hosting a server for "Fivem" and I understand that when you homehost your Routers IP can easily be got. I was wondering if I where to use a VPN on the computer that is Hosting will it hide my IP and use the VPN's IP.
  13. L

    Question What can someone actually do with an IP?

    So recently I was looking at videos of people using an IP logger to get someones IP and then they put it in an IP lookup site and it gives them information about that ip, the thing is when I do it with my IP it just gives me the info of my ISP and I wasn't able to find a single thing about me...
  14. E

    [SOLVED] Basic IP Address Help

    Hi, I cannot get my head around class C addresses and subnetting. First of all, when someone changes the subnet mask to on a, how can that work since it is class C? I was under the impression it had to be 255.255.255.x? Also, if you have a small LAN, and get advised to...
  15. AndreiHuharimo

    [SOLVED] Online games won't connect to the internet but i can browse the web normally.

    I don't understand why but all of my games, online games won't work. From LoL to PUBG or CS"go on steam, the steam, Riot games launcher or any game launcher won't connect to the internet. I tried to turn off the windows firewall and it's still not working. Now I'm stuck with a pc that can only...
  16. PredmoKC

    [SOLVED] Can I get alerts when a phone is in wifi range?

    Is there any way to set up something that will give me an alert if a specific device is in range of my home wifi? Like if I have an IP address of someones phone, and I set up a way for me to get an alert if that specific device came within range of my house's network. Not for if a device...
  17. Dcopymope

    Question So I scanned all devices using my Modem

    :unsure: And I used the 'Nmap' tool in the command prompt so I can see who is who, just to make sure I don't have any ninja's lurking about. All IP addresses looked good except one. I pasted the mac address in the website linked below to try and get some information yet all I got was an 'alert'...
  18. J

    [SOLVED] Accessing an IP outside DHCP range

    I recently bought a used network switch, but i'm struggling to access the web interface as the IP address is clearly out of my DHCP range (Starts with 169.254). I'm kinda new at this so any Ideas how to access the web interface?
  19. N

    [SOLVED] Can't port forward and router is getting the wrong public IP

    I can't seem to port froward anything, I know my settings should be correct because I have not changed anything and they used to work. When trying to work out whats wrong, I noticed the public IP address shown on the router (Fritz box 7490) was different from the IP address shown on...
  20. G

    Question Why is my IP adress not the usual format

    I am trying to use my default gateway and my ipv4 address but the format does not look right Can someone help me please