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  1. S

    How To Boot from an External Drive On MacBook Pro

    Sometimes your MacBook Pro requires to be booted from an external hard drive instead of a primary start up drive. A few reasons might include update, troubleshooting, repairing of disks, partition, etc. For conducting the booting procedure, it would require an external hard drive that would be...
  2. D

    Headset USB male connecter replacement

    Long story short I need to replace the male connector on a headset I got. Can I just use any "old" male USB connector or does it need to be one from a headset? (assuming I can replace it at all) If it helps the headset is a Razer Kraken USB. I am happy to answer any questions/give more info if...
  3. C

    Is there a way to block downloads?

    since my little brother uses my pc he tends to download a lot of things, and my pc ends up with a lot of unwanted extensions and programs, can i block downloads temporaly?
  4. meloonharrier1199

    AMD Ryzen 3 1300X is it possible to unlock all cores?

    Hi, Is it possible to unlock all the cores on a Ryzen processor?
  5. zippycar

    Can I run 3 corsair psus

    Having no idea and concerned that I may be under powered. I have x6 1080ti cards and x1 1000PSU another 750 PSU and another 650 PSU. My question is= Will I ah heck up my system if I run all three PSUs? Why do I only have 1 1000psu? I couldn't buy any others from anywhere.
  6. T

    How do i reset the bios on an asus model no.U52F?

    I. Have an asus model U52F that has tbe. Black screen no bios problem. I read that re setting the bios fixes this problem. So i need to know how to reset the bios on this model. Thank youi very much have a blessed day!!!
  7. 1

    Gateway NE56R41U with no boot

    I wanted to boot my Gateway NE56R41U with a windows 10 ios but i changed the boot for legasy boot, but when i was cleaning the disk i eliminate all my recovery datas too. wen i see if i can downlod the windows afther cleaning it says i can't because of some problem with the iso. so wen i go to...
  8. K

    1ms vs 5ms on 60Hz

    Hello guys i just finish customized my own PC and im kinda confuse in choosing monitor. I play games like Dota 2 and CS:GO. Which one will be better for me? 1ms or 5ms? 60Hz is enough or should i go for 75Hz? Help me guys...Sorry for my english...Appologize
  9. junii

    Android Debugging mode

    I have a LG Stylo 2 Plus and debugging mode is supposedly turned on, when I plug it into my computer it still tells me to turn on debugging mode, i've tried numerous amounts of wires, the computer and phone can have a file transfer and everything. Now before you start assuming, no im not trying...
  10. D

    Overclocking GPU, Monitor went off.

    Hi there. I've been using MSI afterburner ever since I've got into PC gaming to check my temps while I game. I searched online for "Safe" GTX 1060 overclocking and I found one. It wasn't that high and the second I pressed the "Tick" button on the software I heard my GPU fans increase and around...
  11. K

    Recommendations for Solvents to Remove Red Material from Memory Contacts?

    Hi, Inherited a Memory Stick with a red substance adhering to the contacts. 1st tried a clean rubber eraser but did not easily come off eaven with hard rubbing. Then thought it may be spilled red wine but did not easily disolve when used a cotton tip with water. Now am wondering if could be...
  12. J

    Im opening an internet cafe here in the Philippines. What specs should i build?

    Good noon to you guys. I'm currently planning on opening my own Battlegrounds pc cafe in the Philippines. Majority of my customers will be playing PUBG, Fortnite, Dota 2, and CSGO. I was supposed to purchase the gtx 1050ti but when i chexked it recently 1 gtx 1050ti now costs $250 and that's...
  13. canadianvice

    Crafted MMS Payloads - Can anyone explain how they work?

    I'm a computing science student, so I'm rather interested in the intimates of this. No, I don't need it so intimate that I could replicate it, just some sort of explanation like, say, how Heartbleed was shown in the press. I base it on a recurring issue with both Android and IOS phones, (and...
  14. W

    Unlock harddisk SATA port 0

    How do i bypass the harddisk security SATA port 0 SAMSUNG MZNTE256HMHP LOCK ON A Lenovo yoga 3 pro -1370
  15. F

    Four or more fan on one motherboard header?

    Hi! I have a Gigabyte B250-DS3H motherboard, which has only one 3pin fan header. I have some qood quality splitters. Can I use 4 or more fan on one header? (I know it will work, but I don't know if it's healthy for the MB). Thank you! PS.: My fans are have great quality, and my MB has a...
  16. C

    Computer Turns on Then Turns Off

    I recently have done a case swap with all my parts, and when I plugged in everything seemed to be in working order. The motherboard beeped and started windows, then it randomly turned off. I’ve been looking on YouTube and replaced ram, no, took out graphics card, no, bought a new PSU nope. Any...
  17. S

    low transmit rate of 54mbs on TL-WN822N

    Hello guys! I'm using TL-WN822N for my PC(win7)! It has to be 'Transfer Speed of Up to 300Mbps' But down on my status icon says that I'm connected at 54mbs? Can s.o explain to me why is this? Thanks
  18. Q

    Did i make a mistake choosing CoolerMaster MasterWatt Lite?

    Hey guys, I am currently building a somewhat budget gaming build and i am currently fretting over whether i made the right choice on purchasing a CoolerMaster MasterWatt Lite 500W. I am definitely sure that 500W provides the system with a sufficient amount of wattage but im worried that the...
  19. lillozzer68

    Is my PC better than a PS4

    Im a hardcore PC gamer (pcmasterace) Im trying to convince my brother in law that PC is better than Console and he doesn't believe that my PC is better than is PS4 My PC specs CPU -- Intel Core i5‑6500 3.2 GHz Quad‑Core Processor SkyLake GPU -- MSI Radeon RX 480 4GB GAMING X Video Card RAM...
  20. P

    Bad Motherboard or CPU Help

    Hello everyone! So my computer will not boot or let me access the bios. I'm trying to determine if it is a mobo or CPU problem. When powering on it WILL show the post screen but won't go past it at all it stops there without even showing the memory available which comes right after the screen...