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    I don't have excel in my ASPIRE ES15 , I need it what shall I do

    Is it normal that ACER ASPIRE ES15 has no excel?
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    Cannot connect to my Dvr outside of network

    Hi guys, I have a recorder connected to 6 cameras and linked to my home network so that i can watch them from my phone. The problem is that i'm only able to watch the cameras when my phone is connected to WiFi. How should i do to access them by exterior network? The app that i use is Xmeye and...
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    New PC Help

    I might make a pc which will be used for mining as well as gaming. I'll be using a 4K monitor or a 1440p 144Hz monitor depending on the GPU you would recommend. A GTX 1080 is out of question, as it performs badly in mining. I'll be mining to buy games and get some other stuff. I will use Windows...
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    gtx 1060 6 gb not working properly

    https://www.ebay.ie/i/152649507503 This is my computer build which I have bought around month or month and a half ago .I have the latest drivers tried a version before the newest drivers but pc keeps on crashing and lagging out .Also when I am in the game I try alt and tab my screen goes black...
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    Weird programs in the icons section next to clock in Task Bar. It's logo is "9"

    I have this program on the programs icons part next to the clock at task bar, and there is this weird nameless program with a number 9 logo. This is it: https://imgur.com/ujTU90d Im starting to think this is a virus, be cause I can't double-click to open it, and in Task Manager there also isn't...
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    Pc randomly restarts occasionally while playing vidya

    My pc never used to do this in the past. This is a recent problem. Every now and again, my computer fully restarts. It usually does it while gaming, but sometimes just randomly when im watching youtube. Because my pc never used to do this in the past, i dont think it could be hardware, but all...
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    Would the following CWT 500W Power Supply be enough for GTX 1050Ti? (picture included)

    Hi, here is a picture of my CWT 500W Power Supply: https://imgur.com/a/Tocb3 I have this PSU for 6 years already, and it has been working great with my GeForce GT520 GPU, But now I want to upgrade my GPU to GTX 1050Ti. I'm wondering if it would be good enough? I read that 500W should be...
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    RAM at 7.1 GB useable

    So I have a 8GB of ram only 7.1 GB is useable is that normal?
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    Looking for a low budget gaming Pc

    I'm just wanna know if there's any pcs that are $300-$450 that would run games like CS:GO and rainbow six siege
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    Lenovo Y520 Battery Upgrade

    So, I just purchased the Lenovo Y520 about a month ago, and absolutely love it. It's portable, cool, and light. However, I have one MAJOR gripe. It's something that a lot of reviewers complained about, but I didn't know it was this bad. That's the extremely tiny battery in the laptop. When I say...
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    Antimalware Service Executable 100% disk usage

    Hello! I am using Windows 7 on your machine. then I upgrade Windows 10 from my Windows 7. Recently, the on screen display shows that my system is reaching 100% CPU usage. When opening Task Manager, I saw MsMpEng.exe, which consumes 90-100% of memory. I used Malwarebytes to scan for and kill any...
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    Installed new GPU cant use any micrphones

    I recently got a GPU(GeForce GTX 1050 Ti) and installed it into my computer. After I did that I tried recording with my microphone and nothing is working. I tried everything, using different microphones, usb slots, installing and updating drivers and nothing is working.
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    Can't connect through ethernet - Tried everything... SOS

    Hey team, If I plug my laptop directly into the ethernet port I get connected, no issues. I plug from ethernet into the back of my desktop, and let the problems begin. The errors I'm getting are: Unidentified Network (IPv4 and IPv6 = No Internet Access) Autoconfiguration IPv4 Address...
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    Need Help Finding Replacement Motherboard

    I had a power outage in my area even though my pc was connected to a surge protector some how my mother board fried(I checked the psu using paper clip trick and it is still running). I cant seem to find an exact motherboard (MSI B150M PRO-D) if anyone knows where I can find this exact...
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    I need to know if this computer is well balanced or not because i'm no computer expert, here are the components and whatnot :

    Case Raidmax Cobra Z Blue Additional Case Fans No Additional Fans Internal Lighting Ironside RGB LED Strip Wiring Standard Wiring - Cables will be organized to achieve maximum airflow AMD Processor AMD Ryzen 5 1600X 3.6GHz (Hexa Core) CPU Cooling Asetek 550LC High Performance Liquid...
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    1080 ti or 1070 sli or wait for tesla

    upgrading my pc. Monday arrives my ryzen 5 1600x and i will be pairing it with my old gigabyte g1 1070 . but for the future going to upgrade to something better and was wondering would 1070 sli setup be enough or should i get the 1080ti. Or even wait till 2018 and nvdia brings out volta? I will...
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    How to connect Samsung tv to a sony reciver

    Im having trouble connecting my samsung tv flat screen tv to my old so y reciver
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    Is my CPU dead?

    So I recently just built a new PC and everything was all going to plan until I turned on my monitor and I didn't get any signal I've tried trying to start up on one ram stick and tried re inserting the sticks and I've tried plugging everything back in and the monitor just doesn't get a signal...
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    7700K or 8700K Confusion.

    Hi, Quick question for you guys, as the title says I'm confused between building a PC with 7700K now or wait till 8700K is announced & available. Not upgrading from Z170 or Sandybridge so I do need to upgrade/build no matter what. Currently Quad core extreme on EVGA 790i motherboard so an...
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    problem overclocking ryzen 5 1600 help!

    https://pcpartpicker.com/list/cvgwQV Theres my build at pcpartpicker. I have a ryzen 5 1600 and ab350 gigabyte gaming 3, updated to latest bios(F7). Im having this problem overclocking my cpu, after I put in 38 on "CPU Clock Ratio", save it then change the VCORE +0.060v and VCORE SOC +0.258v...