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    Plextor M8Se NVMe SSD Review

    NVMe continues to gain ground on SATA. The technology promises to increase performance and reduce costs, but the ecosystem isn't fully implemented. Plextor M8Se NVMe SSD Review : Read more
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    My CPU runs at 100%

    My computer is using 100% of my CPU all the time. It has just over 110 active items at startup and shows 40plus svchost entries while I just have Chrome and Process Explorer running. I ran an A/V check yesterday; but it did not show anything. Also have run Malwarebytes, that showed 11 PUP...
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    How many watz?

    So I built this pc awhile ago and recently switched Gpu's trying to figure out if i should lower my power supply Nvidia EVGA Geforce GTX 1080ti 11gb (former 2 980s in sli) Intel core i7-6700k Windows 10 64bit Asus Hero viii motherboard 4 sticks of 8,192mb pny ddr4 @ 2,132mhz 2 Samsung...
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    CPU Red Light

    Tried everything to resolve the red light and have narrowed it down to be the motherboard, psu, or the cpu itself. Tried breadboarding and clearing/updating the bios and nothing has worked.
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    Lost screws for PC

    Hello! I have lost the screws to my DIYPC MA-01G case. Are there alternative screws I can buy to solve this problem? Thanks!
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    Budget cooling system

    Hey guys i have a problem with my cpu fan, it came with my AMD FX6300, it's makes more sound than the other 6 fans i have installed around the case so i'm looking for another method (water cooling or a normal heat sink) anything for around 70$ here are my pc specs CPU: AMD FX6300 Motherboard...
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    PC runs but no display

    I have a fresh new build that had an h110 motherboard, g4560 dual core Pentium, a 400w psi, a 1tb hard drive, a gtx 1050ti, 8gb gskill ram 228 pin I believe. It fits the boards I got. I had built it and started it up. I got no response from the display. I tried multiple displays and multiple...
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    Can I use a fan that's connected to a water pump header?

    So this motherboard, I'd like to buy has 6x fan header, 1x CPU fan header, 4x system fan header and 1x water pump header. I'm not planning to use a water pump so I'm wondering if I can use that header for another case fan. The motherboard...
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    Dead Motherboard Help

    When I start my system, I recieve no signal on my display and am wondering if my MoBo died. I have a Asus PBH6-1 R2.0 My CPU and GPU fans are running, and I can hear my hardrive functioning. There are no beeps when I start the system up, even when I take the ram out. I need to know if certain...
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    Thermaltake Commander F6 Compatibility

    Greetings all, Simple question (I'm hoping) - Will I be able to control a few Corsair AF140 Quiet Edition 3-pin fans with the Thermaltake Commander F6 RGB/LCD Multi Fan Controller? Thanks in advance