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    Discussion Netgear R6800, Access Control and peripheral devices no longer able to connect to the internet - For Info

    Hi everyone, I'm posting this just in case someone else has this problem in future. I'm no network geek and still have no idea why/what happened but this is what I know. I had a Netgear R6800 hooked up to a cable modem and run a smart home, so lots of Azetch/Solwise powerlines, multiple...
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    [SOLVED] Invisible space on hdd

    Hello, my HDD is almost full but there is nothing on this Mac at all. I'm running High Sierra 10.13.2, when I go into the disk utility and select HDD it says 'shared by 4 volumes' even though there is only 1 extra volume (windows bootcamp) this happened in the past and I had to format the hdd...