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  1. mhajicek

    Question Web Cam App Permissions?

    I need to get a camera to monitor a manufacturing machine at work, so I can know from home or elsewhere when it stops and I need to go fix it. I'd like to be able to check it on my Android phone. Every web cam app I can find wants permission for device and app history. Does it really need...
  2. E

    Question IP Cam Setup

    Good day all, I hope this is in the correct category, I currently have 5 IP cameras, that I would like to set up for motion detection, to send email alerts to a shared mailbox. I've used my own email as the source, unfortunately, I am not getting any notifications. The specs: 3 D-link...
  3. A

    Discussion Cannot connect my wifi/ip camera to my laptop

    So i bought with wifi cam of rather unpopular brand jht. So its having a mobile app of jht electronics through which i can access my camera connect it and whatnot. i have to create an account in the app and then connect the camera by connecting to cameras wifi, after that i can see it through...
  4. H

    Acer Aspire 5736z WiFi on/off?

    Pls how do i turn on wifi on my aspire 5736z
  5. X

    [SOLVED] Ryzen setup works with 8gb ram, but goes blue screen with 16gb

    Hi guys, On december I bought a new PC with these spec: Ryzen 7 1700 Motherboard MSI B350M Pro-VH Plus (updated bios) Ram 8GB DDR4 2400mhz team group Well, now in january i bought more 8GB of ram, exactly the same model to avoidy problems, but when I try to use these 16GB the PC goes blue...
  6. A

    [SOLVED] Will It Bottleneck?

    So I’m planning on getting a Ryzen 2600 and upgrading my Motherboard and ram ( MSI bazooka 450m ATX ) ( 2x8 GB DDR4 3000) I’m wondering if this setup will bottleneck my GPU- planning on getting a new GPU soon tho. ( Sapphire Radeon 270x 4gb )
  7. T

    Machine does not start even after shorting power pins

    Hello, My machine does not start until at least trying for 5-10 mins. Initially I thought there is some issue with the power switch cable so I put reset switch cable instead and it still did won't start. Now I am trying to start the machine by shorting power pins and even that does not work...
  8. L

    What do I upgrade?!?

    So have had my current system for 4-5 years now Specs are; *Intel i5-4590 @ 3.3Ghz *Gigabyte Z97-HD3 Motherboard *8Gb Ram *AMD R9 280 "VTX" (if anyone can shed some light on what the VTX is It'd be much appreciated) *1TB Hard Drive *Asus Soundcard What im wondering is what exactly is the best...
  9. CarmineShots

    88' 300zx old stereo wires to new harness help?

    I'm new to wiring stuff inside cars and I'm trying to wire this (idk if its oem, aftermarket or what) https://imgur.com/a/jAlrTIa to this (the harness that would plug into the new stereo) https://imgur.com/a/kLVLKrb . I have the tools n what not to do it. Thanks in advance.
  10. J

    Watercooling res top inlet with no internal tube

    Hi guys So I've just completed my first water cooling loop and am using the multi top from EK for my res and have the inlet from the top. I don't have an inlet tube however and I've just started to bleed my loop and there are a heap of bubbles. I'll go ahead and buy an inlet tube but it will...
  11. C

    Installed new GPU, now my computer won't boot?

    ***************** -- UPDATE -- After realizing those numbers on the mobo weren't temperature, but error codes, I looked up the codes online and discovered a way to fix the issue. I just had to take out all my RAM, and plug 1 stick it into the first slot. Then I booted and everything worked...
  12. F

    Saphire hd 7770 Ghz Oc edition or Gtx 650 ti on Platinum Ms-400atx p4 psu

    Hi. I have a problem. I got this psu and i need to know if any of this 2 cards can work on it. My cpu is amd phenom II x4 945.
  13. S

    GPU was half disconnected when i turned my PC on

    Hy so was using my GPU with no probleme tilli had to travel and took my PC , when i arrived i plugged the PC and turn it on it ddnt run so i oppend it and réaliser that its half disconnected so i turned it off plugd it and turnd it on Got a black screen , tried to Remove it same so i reset the...
  14. B

    Motherboard CPU compatibility

    Hi everyone, I am hoping if some can tell me if a GA-880GM-UD2H would be compatible with my 8 core 8350? Thank you!
  15. P

    ASU’s Z370-E motherboard orange light when powered off.

    I have recently built myself a PC and have just figured out how to get rid of the rainbow aura from the motherboard when shut down, however there is still quite an annoying orange light in the top right corner. Does anyone know what this is and if there is a way I make it turn off when I...
  16. Y

    1060 just won't work in new pc

    Hey guys, I bought a new pc with an msi aero 1060 6gb (I should of made my own again lol) When I went to boot it up straight out of the box, it just does nothing until one beep 10 seconds after, and the screen goes black but nothing happens. I'm using my old Hdd with windows on it. So I take...
  17. K

    Steam read the wrong drive?

    So I moved fallout 4 from drive d to drive f (hdd-ssd)today but when open the game taskmanager* says that drive d is at 100% and drive f is at 1-2% why is that? it messes my game completely up and makes it unplayable. how to fix???
  18. T

    EVGA GTX 1060 6gb gaming build

    Hello,I am looking to build gaming PC around GTX 1060 6gb.My budget is around 900$.I want for Ram 8gb (1 stick if possible) , no SSD ,HDD 1TB,cooling - good enough for long hours of gaming , CPU-not sure which Intel/Ryze and which model .The purpose of the PC is gaming only.
  19. F

    Windows reintall after major upgrade

    Hi. I would like to make a major upgrade from those compoments : I7 2600k sandy bridge to I78700k Coffee Lake Asus P67 Evo to Asus Z370 ROG Maximus X Hero Socket 1151 DDR3 to DDR 4. Should i reintall Window 10 Creators Edition after? Thanks a lot
  20. A

    6 Monitor Setup

    Hi All, I am currently running an R7990 and having trouble getting my monitors to extend my display. The AMD catalyst control sees monitors 4-6 (sometimes monitor 4 works), but is unable to extend the display. It only allows me to swap monitors with active ones. I have 2 miniDP-DVI...