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  1. J

    Im opening an internet cafe here in the Philippines. What specs should i build?

    Good noon to you guys. I'm currently planning on opening my own Battlegrounds pc cafe in the Philippines. Majority of my customers will be playing PUBG, Fortnite, Dota 2, and CSGO. I was supposed to purchase the gtx 1050ti but when i chexked it recently 1 gtx 1050ti now costs $250 and that's...
  2. M

    Monitor Shows huge black shadows

    Hello everyone. First of all english is not my native language so please forgive my mistakes Recently im having a problem with my monitor showing two black dark lines on both side of the screen Its really distracting and first i thought the screen is dirty https://imgur.com/ieNSqd6 Its an...
  3. O

    Sli with Aorus Gtx 1080ti and Gtx 1080ti Extreme Edition?

    Is it possible to setup an Aorus Gtx 1080ti Extreme Edition with an Aorus Gtx 1080 ti (non Extreme Edition) in Sli?
  4. A

    Why does mcafee 2017 did not have real time settings to configure? how to enable it

    Why does mcafee 2017 did not have real time settings to configure? how to enable it There is no real time setting i can found..
  5. M

    Looking for an old "Wizard" game or the studio that made it

    It's a lovely 2.5D (?) game where you control a cartoony wizard (or mage) in blue. It has a two-player mode too, where the other player sitting next to you controls a pink wizard. It's pretty much like a side-scrolling platformer but the level has depths and it's more like from an isometric...
  6. G

    Computer freezes while gaming

    Hello.I have an i5-3570k with a gtx 1050ti and 8gb of ram.Its a fresh build.So today I was playing Fortnite and I got a sudden freez. My mouse wont move nor my keyboard would react. I had this in the past but it was really rare.I would just restart the pc,but now im experiencing this every...
  7. T

    Strix 8350-f gaming no post

    Hi I was using my pc when suddenly there was a power outage and my pc stopped working since then. I already changed the Power supply and checked everything else and everything seems fine but when I try to boot it up there is no post from the computer. Strix 8350-F Gaming Amd ryzen 580
  8. L

    Cant post On Chrome, Have to use Firefox. Please help

    So i posted this thread http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-3636503/low-budget-motherboard.html and tried 5 times to do it on chrome, every time i did this happened when i clicked the Body Text: Forcing me to post on Firefox... if you have a fix please help id rather post on my main browser...
  9. X

    GTX 580 Not Displaying on my 1440p acer monitor only works with my 1080p monitor

    My gtx 580 will not display on my acer predator 1440p monitor. I have tried to use a single link DVI-A cable and a mini hdmi cable(This cable says it only supports up to 1080p) and neither of them work on the 1440p monitor. They only work on my 1080p monitor. Is this not working because I need...
  10. T

    HP 870-213W, can you upgrade the motherboard w/o reinstalling Windows?

    Just as title asks, or do I need to reinstall windows?
  11. T

    How do I comopare my AS SSD scores?

    I would like to know how my drive's speed compares. Is there a site that gives ranges for scores seen? I've not found one.
  12. J

    Desktop now taking forever to boot

    For about the last month, my desktop has been taking longer and longer (now up to 15 minutes) to boot up and load windows 10. When I press the ON button, it sounds like it is running or spinning, but I don't hear the beep for about 10 minutes, then everything progresses nicely. It will boot up...
  13. RacerDemon

    Help me build a upgraded rig

    I have sent back the stuff to best buy and decided to wait and get better stuff/stuff i want. What you guys think of what I have Linked below. My current set up is: FX-8350 with EVO 212 Cooler 16gb G-Skill Sniper DDR3 Asus 990fx R 2.0 MOBO MSi GTX 970 OC Edition XFX 550W Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit...
  14. K

    can i dry with my mousepad with a hairdryer?

    can i dry with my mousepad with a hairdryer? my mousepad is steelseries qck + I did dry my mousepad with a hair dryer before i want to need if my mousepad was damaged
  15. P

    Is the i5 8400 > Ryzen 5 1600? Or vice-versa?

    Hello, this question comes when comparing i5 8400 to Ryzen 5 1600;they're very similar in price and performance, the major differences are the cooling capability of the included coolers and that one comes with a higher turbo boost clock and the other has XFR. Okay, so which in your guys'...
  16. O

    Crypto Mining on an old Dell PC

    Ok, so I have an old Dell Dimension 3100 (very old search it up) and want to save some money on my first mining rig. I'm thinking of using it as a basis of this new rig. Of course i will change the power supply to a higher efficiency and wattage rating and upgrade the ram to 2/4gb. However...
  17. N

    First Monitor for PC Build

    Hello this week im planning on buying my first monitor, these are my choices: https://www.samsung.com/us/computing/monitors/flat/24-sf350-led-monitor-ls24f350fhnxza/ https://www.asus.com/cl/Monitors/VP228H/ the samsung one is 4 ms, and the asus one is 1ms both have same price in my country
  18. D

    will Seasonic s12ii 520 enough for my system?

    I7 7700k 4.8 ghz oc Gskill tridentZ ddr4 8gbx2 RGB @2933mhz 1.35v Asus z170m plus Coolermaster hyper 103 cooler Seasonic s12ii 520 bronze (that's the system i already have) If i add GTX 1080 Ti ,will my psu be enough?
  19. D

    CPU and GPU issues

    Not sure if this is a computer issue or software issue. I recently(within the last year} upgraded to an intel core i7-6700k and new hardware to game with. it was immediately after i upgraded my GPU drivers(last Nvidia Update for Players Underground) that i started noticing weird things. First...
  20. M

    need help with HDD not showing up in bios

    hi guys, Im having trouble with my computer. My hard drive is not showing up in the bios. im certain that its plugged in all the way and have tried using different wires for both power and sata with no luck. the power is plugged into the same plug on my psu that my graphics card was in and i...