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  1. D

    New Build Fans and Lights Come on But No Display

    I am building a new pc currently and i have everything hooked up. A GPU, CPU, SSD, Motherboard, PSU, and RAM. I turn on the power and the power button lights up. The motherboard lights up. All of the fans start running and spinning. I plug in an HDMI into the GPU and nothing showed. This happend...
  2. G

    max power limit is 101% and i cannot apply core voltage on my gpu

    Hi guys , recently I tried to overclock my gtx 980ti using msi afterburner. Unfortunately i failed since i cannot apply any core voltage even tho I can move the slider , when i hit apply it goes back to 0 ( here are some pics from before https://imagebin.ca/v/3lvMHMdRmo4K and after hitting apply...
  3. H

    i7 7700k cache

    I am curious as to what an l1, l2, and l3, cache do, and how big the i7 7700k's l1, l2, and l3 cache are. I am building a gaming rig for (even though it might sound funny), hardcore Minecraft. I also want to know if the cache size affects Minecraft at all.
  4. B

    Ryzen 3 1300x New Build hard freezing problem

    Hi folks... Decided to build my first PC for my dad who wanted a budget gaming PC to use for himself and my son when he visits. I'd added components to my PC at home and figured I could handle it. I went with PC Gamer's budget cyber-monday build...
  5. R

    Certain iPad models to avoid?

    I guess this is where I would post for Tablet questions. I’m looking for my friend who wants to get a tablet for a Christmas present for his Dad. He seems determined to stay under the $200 range which takes out the $280-$330 brand new iPad. Tried to convince him that it would be the best option...
  6. M

    Which x299 motherboard have better VRMs ?

    Hi there,I'm planning on buying x299 because I need more PCI lanes...and I will pair that motherboard with i9 7900x CPU. But,I'm having trouble deciding which motherboard to buy...I like Aorus x299 gaming 9 and Asus rampage VI extreme/apex... My main concern is VRMs build and CPU powers...
  7. J

    pc reboot issue

    just wondering if anyone could help me, i've recently got a new graphics card (palit dual gtx 1070) the card is great and i have no problems in games or any stress tests, it is overclocked but never artifacts, crashes or anything during any stress testing, survives occt artifact checker for 30...
  8. J

    How can i use my intel 7265 in my new pc

    So this is gonna sound quite stupid but i thought by buying the intel 7265 wireless bluetooth adapter it would just fit into the m.2 slot on my msi z270 gaming m3. Then i would automatically have bluetooth and wireless connectivity. I still dont know much about this but i think i need an antenna...
  9. K

    upgrading the PC a bit confused

    hey guys i hope you are all doing well, so the reason i am writing this is because im not really sure that my gaming PC will last for the upcoming games with a decent FPS. So i have been thinking of to upgrade it or not, im really confused. My current SPECS: i7 7700k 4.20GHz G.Skill Ripjaws V...
  10. O

    Which cable to power CPU on ECS Z97I-DRONE mobo?

    I am trying to power the CPU on my ECS Z97I-DRONE motherboard (https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813135406). However, I do not have the correct cable and I cannot find one to save my life! Here is a picture of the power port on the motherboard...
  11. N

    Good gaming keyboards

    I'm looking for a good gaming keyboard for under $100. I would like mechanical switches and RGB is preferred, but not needed. Anyone know of any good keyboards in that range? Please tell me.
  12. D

    Is a 30 watt tdp notice-able

    Im on a really really really tight budget this coming months and im trading my gtx 1050ti to a 760 because i need extra cash to pay my graduation fee+ tuition fee. I have a 660 before but i didnt notice the difference in my monthly bill from 660 to 1050ti, The one im trading with is zotac gtx...
  13. I

    Switched to SSD for the first time -- Extremely slow speeds when extracting a ZIP file?

    Hi all, I have just made the switch to my first SSD. Well actually, I just got a new laptop (Dell Inspirion 7577) which has a 256gb SSD along with a 1TB storage drive. I am trying to extract a 55mb ZIP file which contains some documents from my old laptop, and noticing the speed for doing so...
  14. T

    Moving os to new pc

    I have a pc now but I plan to upgrade and I was wondering if I could take windows 10 from my pc now and bring it to the new pc. I think its none OEM, idk if I could put windows on a ssd and transferit and whip the hdd or what. Or would i have to completely buy new windows
  15. J

    SLI or Wait?

    Instead of piling a long and sad story about having very little to no income ill just give the TLDR version. I cant afford a new high end video card (im talking about a 1070) which is still pushing $400+ But i am currently using a 780TI that is performing quite great. But i am running into some...
  16. S

    Automated Drive Backup/MirrorSoftware

    A while I was thinking of creating a RAID array mirroring two identical drives, so if one failed, I would automatically have a backup. The experts here pointed out that since my main concern is mechanical failure, a backup or mirroring program would be better for me. I am thinking of EaseUS...
  17. zpirit

    95-100 C degrees on intel i3 4150 at rest?? and low fps cs:go with gtx 1050ti

    I have a new build that I bought from someone and I just realised the CPU (intel i3 4150) is at around 70 and sometimes 100 degrees C, while I'm just doing normal comuper stuff, not even gaming. is it normal? I also have fps drop in cs go, like at the start around 70fps and sometimes in the game...
  18. D

    Windiws 7 64bit - Dumping physical memory

    I have a new laptop and installed windows 7 32 bit. It works fine but the RAM is 2.4GB instead od 4GB. So i installed windows 7 64 bit but it worked ok some time but than showed blue screen and Dumping Physical Memory and restarted. Also when i tried to open a picture it showed COM Surrogate...
  19. L

    Can someone explain Tri-Band WiFi?

    I am looking to purchase a D-Link DIR-890L AC3200. It comes with Tri-Band wifi, does that mean it allows me to use one of the networks without any interference/traffic from the other devices that are connected to the other two bands? 1 Band > My Phone, and Computer 2/3 Band > Family Member...
  20. B

    Should I turn off my graphics card on my laptop, what is the benefit?

    I just bought a laptop with this graphics card: Nvidia 920MX 2GB I looked at the benchmarks for video card, and the stock integrated that comes with my i5-8250u chip is an Intel HD620 and it's just as powerful as the Nvidia.... Should I disable the Nvidia to save battery? Is there a benefit...