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    OLD highend 'N"router OR new cheap AC router

    hi I currently have an ASUS RTN56U router .MY internet speed is 5Mbps.I am a home user and will never upgrade my internet plan in future "ill always use 5mbps plan".there will always be MAX 4 active devices which will use internet .Do I need to upgrade to a cheap AC router(D-Link DIR-816 AC750...
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    Mobo wont short on.

    Hey all. So I'm a having a problem with a friends MOBO, it wont post/turn on. I have tried shorting the power switch pins but nothing. The mobo has its led lit, the psu is fine, the cmos battery is brand new. The only way I got the system to power was by shorting the green and black wires on...
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    front panel connectors problem!

    Hi, Actually for some reasons i had opened my entire cpu and then i was able to reconnect all the wires of my cpu except those of front panel wires, I searched google youtube but my motherboard has different front panel connections I guess. Now i dont know how to connect the front panel.please...
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    Is i5 6300hq with gtx1060 3gb good for gaming ?

    Getting Asus laptop with the configuration How many years will it last till I need to upgrade?
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    Fan configurations with a heatsink

    I have a deepcool tesseract and using a scythe fuma to cool a 1600x. I also use a 390 nitro and a side panel fan to feed air to it since my hard drive bays are populated and the front only has 1 fan. I overclocked it to 3.75ghz at around 1.35v. 3.8 is unstable even at 1.4v and 3.9 just doesn't...
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    Windows reintall after major upgrade

    Hi. I would like to make a major upgrade from those compoments : I7 2600k sandy bridge to I78700k Coffee Lake Asus P67 Evo to Asus Z370 ROG Maximus X Hero Socket 1151 DDR3 to DDR 4. Should i reintall Window 10 Creators Edition after? Thanks a lot