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    Question IPCam can connects to wifi, but router doesn't see it, so can't control via PC software (but I could before)

    Hi guys, I've been scouring the internet for weeks looking for an answer, and still nothing, so I'm finally asking the pros. I have IP Cams (Hik Vision and generics) that can connect to my WiFi (using an android app to initiate setup). Using one cam as an example, it gets assigned the IP...
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    Question Weird problem in ip camera

    Hello I'm facing problem with ip camera never seen before I have 1 ip camera with distance of 20 meter The cable I'm using is cat6 rj45 came with conector already attached When I plug the cable of camera with nvr or my pc it's work great But when I cut the cable and attach new connector it...
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    [SOLVED] PoE isn't working

    So i bought in this week a PoE unmanaged switch, a Hikvision DS-3E0105P-E/M, my question is: When i connect the IP cameras to this switch the PoE is not working and of course the representative led aren't flashing. What i did: -I changed the cables from one Cat to another Cat -I changed the...