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    Question When to buy referbished iPhone

    I need to buy a new phone, the iPhone 4 I have now just isn't a great experience at all. I was thinking about buying a refurbished iPhone 7 on eBay. 32 GB for a relatively good $180. My question is, should I wait for Apple to release their new iPhones in September before buying these? How much...
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    Front USB3 doesn't work after case swap

    I just changed my desktop PC case. I have the HP Phoenix Envy with a IPM99-VK motherboard and bought the Thermaltake View 22 TG case. I plugged the USB3.0 cable (20-pin I think) coming from the front into the F_SSUSB1 header in the board where my old front USB was connected to. It all fits well...
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    I installed windows 7 on a laptop that came with windows 10 and now I cant find drivers for it.

    First problem in the title. I have an acer e5 575g that came with windows 10 preinstalled. After I installed windows 7 over it I went to the acer website to download the drivers only to realize that I can only find them for windows 10. Is there something like "an universal driver" as stupid as...
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    pentium II vs core 2 duo

    I'm installing a program that requires a minimum of 500 MHz Intel pentium II processor, 256 MHz of ram, and 400 MHz disc space. My computer has a core 2 duo 3.0 ghz processor, 4gb ram, and 1 to hard drive. Will my computer be able to handle this and other things too?