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  1. L

    Building a pc

    This is a list of the parts that I am thinking of purchasing for my first build but if I'm honest I'm not 100% sure if they are all compatible as I'm new to PC building Case: CiT black widow mesh CPU: AMD FX8320 black edition 8core 64bit processor am3+ Motherboard: asus m5a78l-m/usb3 Graphics...
  2. Ryan Weckbacher

    [WTS] Used Gaming PC Deal / i7 2600 / Radeon HD 7950 BOOST / 16gb GSKILL ARES RAM || REDUCED TO $400

    Looking to sell my long time gaming machine before I move across the country. Was my first build and have upgraded it over time. Hopefully another can care for it as much as I did. --Please note peripherals are sold separately from the machine itself for shipping reasons. --Also note that I...
  3. G

    FSP Intros New Backup Power Units And PSUs

    At Computex 2015, FSP is showcasing a number of new backup power units along with new PSUs. FSP Intros New Backup Power Units And PSUs : Read more
  4. X

    Upgrading my pc, what should i focus on first?

    Hello, I guess i need a upgrade, the build runs fine on alot of games, but i want to get above 30 fps in the newer games that is being released later this year. I want The Witcher 3 when it releases, so i want something that can run it above 30 fps on max settings or atleast close to max...
  5. P

    Random taskeng.exe popup for which I am unable to find the source.

    I can not for the life of me figure out where this is coming from. It pops up seemingly at random. I have tried looking through Task Scheduler to figure out what it could be but can't find it at all. I am willing to provide whatever information is necessary to solve this, as though it's a minor...
  6. S

    is it worth upgrading from 7950 windforce edidtion

    ive got a 7950 windforce card at the moment with an intel i7 3770k is it worth getting say an r290x or nvidia equivilent or waiting to see what the next generation of gpu's are like
  7. Z

    DirectX12 GPU and DirectX 11 OS

    I have an NVIDIA GeForce GT 740 v2 FTW 2GB and it supports DirectX 12. I'm about to change from WIndow XP to Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. As we all know, Windows 7 supports DirectX 11. My question is: Will my GPU supports this OS and work perfectly fine? Answers are really appreciated!
  8. V

    Zotac GTX 660

    Hi. I am currently using a Zotac GTX 660 Graphics Card. I was just wondering can I use the Zotac 660 GTX synergy edition with the said card in SLI configuration? My card has dual fans and the synergy card comes with one fan, the rest of the configuration is the same. Thanks in advance
  9. T

    G-skill Ripjaws X vs Corsair vengance Pro

    I can save $10 or get 2133 RAM for the same price so my question is when does it high speed RAM matter and what would look better on a maximus vii hero and h440. Also are corsair products "overpriced" or the price it under there name such as G-skill ripjaws x 2133 MHz at cas 9 for $71 or...
  10. A

    What's the Best Way to Set Up Wireless Access Points?

    I'm soon moving to a house where a single router/access point will not be enough. The house has multiple Cat6 ports in the walls, luckily. Our connection comes into the house through a BT Openreach port which looks like a compact RJ45, this is an example...
  11. R

    Is my rig okay?

    I want to build the a gaming pc and cause I don't really have a decent budget the only thing I really wanted to splash out on was a GPU which I haven't done yet, my aim is to be able to play modern games on roughly low medium settings smoothly. So what would you recommend. My build so far is...
  12. D

    Computer Randomly Restarts

    Computer randomly restarts, while doing daily tasks no matter what it is. done virus scan came up clear. did a systems scan and came up with a CBS log, no idea what it means but shows some files failed to start: 2015-02-22 12:11:57, Info CBS SQM: Requesting upload of all...
  13. Si3rraOne

    Asus or EVGA GTX 970

    i want to get a gtx 970 but im not sure what producer i should look towards. My build so far is here. http://pcpartpicker.com/user/sierraone19/saved/9hrcCJ I was looking towards a EVGA but they seem to have issues. My motherboard is Asus and i can control fan speeds and other stuff only on...
  14. E

    Home Theater Audio Issues

    Hello to all. I am new to the forum scene. Never asked a question online, but seeing as I am very desperate to solve my problem I am asking for help. I have an HP Pavilion M6-1035DX Laptop connected to a Sony Bravia 32" HDTV Model#: KDL-32s5100 via HDMI and it is running through an RCA Home...
  15. T

    Need help with new gaming PC.

    So, i'm going to build myself a new gaming PC and I need your opinios on how good the PC components are. Suggestions are welcome too. HDD: Seagate Barracuda 3.5'' 1TB SATA3 7200RPM 64MB Motherboard: ASRock 970 EXTREME4, 970, DualDDR3-1333, SATA3, RAID, GBLAN, ATX PSU: Fortron FSP700-50ARN...
  16. T

    Where are all programs in windows 8.1?

    for a simple example: notepad. I click the little down arrow on start screen and it supposedly has all the apps listed byname.. But no notepad. I know i can just type notepad on start, but is there a way for it to show all programs? thanks
  17. E

    Sound and DVD player whilst switched off suddenly stopped working

    Audio and DVD Player worked yesterday, switched off OK turned off This morning turned on - does not work
  18. S

    Is my open (mesh) topped case a bad idea? Too much dust getting in?

    Most of the top of my case is taken up by a grill which I assume is to allow extra airflow through the case, but I'm slightly worried that it may be allowing a lot of dust to fall down inside it. The top does get quite dusty and most cases don't have this feature so do you think this is a good...
  19. S

    i7 4770 vs 4770k?

    What is the difference, besides overclocking? I already brought a b85 chipset board, so it's kind of already too late to start overclocking. I would like to run virtual machines and gaming on this computer. Should I invest $30 more and get the k version, or should I put that $30 towards a better...
  20. K

    7770 vapor-x sapphire overclocking questions

    I am wondering what the temps should be and when temps become out of hand and should stay away from. It generally stays at about 66c when in a benchmark I am worried its to hot. Anyone know the maxtemp and how much is to much and any experience that would be great thanks :D