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  1. Question "No Internet Access" for IPv6

    I used to have a wireless internet connection, with that connection I had IPv6 readily available to me. Recently I bought a wired internet connection. When I check the connection status it says "No Internet Access" for IPv6. So then I checked with the Test-IPv6 site. It says "No IPv6 address...
  2. Ab3s

    [SOLVED] Something weird happened.

    So i was playing with my friend Rocket League earlier when the party was suddenly destroyed. We didn't mind and went on. The very next match we had like 200 ping (we usually have around 30). Then all of a sudden we both got disconnected from rl, Steam altogether and Discord. The network didn't...
  3. Benkberg97

    [SOLVED] IPv6 Broke my DC?

    Hi all, I have a situation that others have had in the past, but I have tried many solutions to no avail. Basically, I am running a Windows Server 2019 DC, but Windows 10 Pro clients are unable to join or log on to the domain if IPv6 is enabled on the client. Running NSLOOKUP with IPv6 on...
  4. AdamK666

    Question Some sites i cant access says "took too long respond" and some sites dont load completely

    I've accidentally changed my wifi IP address in cmd while trying to access private DHCP by using the ethernet cable but I couldn't access either. After disconnecting the ethernet, I try to use my own iPhone as a hotspot, some sites I couldn't access and it says took too long to respond. I've...
  5. T

    AMD Ryzen 3 1300X Overclocks but speed is limited to 1.36GHz while OC to 3.90Hz

    IDK what it could be, MB is MSI B350M PRO VDH.
  6. V

    New build won't power on. anymore

    Made a new build yesterday. Plugged everything in and it powered on just fine. Didn't have a Windows disk so i just checked everything in BIOS and everything was fine. This morning i go out and get a windows disk. When i get home and press the power button nothing happens. The mb light is on so...
  7. jeffreyhjkgf1

    [SOLVED] Does a phone get slower with less storage space avaible?

    i currently have 128 gb Pocophone f1 and it only has 40gb avaible and i feel like the fingerprint is a little slower or it could just be me being paranoid
  8. K

    2600X vs 2700X gaming performance paired with GTX 1080

    I'm planning to upgrade my current rig, specs: Ryzen 5 1600 GTX 1060 6GB MSI B350 Gaming Plus 1x8 HyperX Fury @ 2666mhz Now I'm planning to upgrade to a 1080, but I'm not sure what CPU to get. My current mobo won't do for a 2700X I'm sure and I found a Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite for about £95...
  9. Axlebomb

    Upgrade: 16GBs of Ram or New CPU

    Hello all, I am in quite the conundrum. I am debating between upgrading my ram from 8gb to 16 or upgrading my Core i3 4160 3.6ghz to a Core i5 4570 3.2ghz? I only can upgrade 1. The only game I play is PubG. I am trying to boost my FPS. Here are my specs: Core i3 4160 3.6ghz Dual Core 4 thread...
  10. T

    how to disable page file?

    I went into system settings and completely turned it off, restart the computer and it is still being used. I am not getting the right performance in a new game despite being a bit past the recommended specs and seeing benchmarks with similar setups getting better performance. It might just be...
  11. omenrip

    My Alienware Aurora R7 left panel doesn’t fit tightly to center panel

    I opened my left panel about 3 times since I got my R7 in March 2018. The last time I tried to close it “with a click” as the Dell manual says, it won’t lock. No matter hard I pushed the top of the case (and yes I had the feet of the panel in their slots), the left panel wouldn’t “click” or...
  12. E

    usb flash disc error

    Please advise how to erase write protection from my USB flash disc 16gb
  13. G

    Move windows via ssd?

    I am currently building a new pc and i dont want to put any money on new hard drives or ssd’s and not on a new windows 10 since i allready got it on my old one. I dont have a usb stick that i could copy windows on. My question is Can i move windows via ssd and how in that case?
  14. D

    Worth upgrading GPU only?

    I build this pc in the end of 2013 and got the gpu's almost a year later. I'm curious to know because i have a 1440p 144hz monitor and a 4k 60hz tv. With alot of great new games coming in the near future i would like to perhaps buy a new 1180TI when it comes out. Also having more fps on better...
  15. A

    Why does UserBenchmark offer such a low score for my 1080 Ti?

    When I initially received the card the GFX card performance was at 181%. It's now at ~22% after multiple tests. I've made sure my power options in Windows and Nvidia's CP are both set to preferring power over efficiency. I don't have it over or underclocked either. I tried Firestike and the...
  16. B

    Using an APU and RX 460 concurrently

    Hi all, I'm new here and have a question that might cause some heads to be scratched. So I've been using my A10 6800k for a couple years now. I purchased a Gigabyte RX 460 a year and some months ago, but eventually found out that Wattman was crashing all of my games. Later on, I reinstalled...
  17. Y

    Corsair vs350 psu is too low for this system?

    Hi all, i'm throwing together some old/new component and i was wondering if vs350 was enough to power the system: -gpu: GeForce gtx 560 -cpu: Intel Pentium G4560 single ram stick ddr4 and ssd is it cutting too close as wattage? keep in mind it will mostly be used for low graphic gaming (like...
  18. D

    Ryzen CPU temperature

    so I have a ryzen 5 1600X processor hooked up to a Corsair H100 V2 Hydro series water cooler. I have it running SETI@HOME at 100% capacity. the cooler keeps it at 67C under heavy load. is that too high a temperature? should I give the CPU a break now and then?
  19. T

    faulty motherboard heat sensor?

    My PC started crashing recently with me playing games on it. In a way where it just goes all black and i hear a loud static noise through my headset. I have checked my temps and they should be fine except that one of my Motherboard temperature sensors is sowing 127 degrees Celsius, but that...
  20. D

    Hp Compaq 8200 elite

    How much should I sell my hp Compaq computer