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  1. LucaBTB

    Question Will performing a clean windows install get rid of software-related bluescreens?

    For the past few months, i've been getting more and more blue bluescreens at very random times, sometimes when im just browsing files, or the internet, or playing a game, with many different stopcodes (SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION, IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED...
  2. T

    Question BSoD Memory_Error and IRQL Not Less or Equal

    Hello, since a few months i have constantly problems with BSoD Errors, like the title says. I have a i7 8700k, the ROG Strix z370 H Gaming Mainboard, 2x 8 GB Crucial DDR4 Ram (dont know the exact name) and a RTX 3060ti. I've also updated my Bios, all Drivers etc. Im not using any...
  3. ClassV

    Question Getting BSODs

    I don't necessarily know what to do in my situation. Basically, my computer has been built for probably around 5 months now, never had a blue screen or system crash, and have built a couple PCs now. However, coming back after a weekend of the system being off and inactive, I started to...

    Question BSOD BOOT LOOP

    Hi I recently installed Windows 11 latest Dev insider Build (3-4 days ago). Today during normal usage it just suddenly went to BSOD and was showing an error related to IRQL. So I restarted and it came again and it was same for an hour. I tried using SFC /SCANNOW in startup repair but it didn't...
  5. boredagain99

    Question System Unit is on but Keyboard, Mouse, and Monitor isn't working

    I left my PC idle before I took a bath. Later on, when I came back from bath it shows BSOD: IRQL_ERROR_CODE since I have no time to fix it. I left it for a while because I have errands to do. Now, my Keyboard lights is working but the numlocks won't turn on, mouse isn't working but the sensor...
  6. SekkiSekki


    Hi everyone, Bluescreens are occurring very frequently recently on my PC, often up to 4 BSoDs every day. It often occurs when not under stress. My PC is a custom-built one. Specifications: CPU: Ryzen 5 1600X GPU: Geforce RTX 2060 RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum 2x8GB MB: MSI B350M Gaming Pro...
  7. tagpunitkr

    Question Multiple shutdowns with BSODs.

    Hii, So it started 2 months ago. My PC generates BSODs everytime I turn it on. When I turn it on, it works fine for around 10 minutes and then shows BSOD and shuts down. Then it tries to reboot but nothing is displayed on screen and not even the boot screen. Then when I try cutting off power...
  8. T

    Question Problems with latest graphics drivers

    I had a few problems with my previous rx 590 so I reclaimed it and got a new one. The new one ran great for 1 day and than, after installing newest drivers from amd it started coilwhining (not the usual way, I am limiting my framerate to 120FPS and it still coilwhines as hell on blurry things...
  9. T

    [SOLVED] Frequent BSODs after reinstalling Windows, now not booting and cannot reinstall Windows again - RAM gone bad?

    Wasn't sure if I should post this under Hardware>Memory or here, but here goes. There's a bit of background necessary, but over the past few weeks (great timing with COVID19 right?) I've been having issues with my desktop, which I am now no longer able to boot into Windows. Trying to reinstall...
  10. JoeyMan12345

    [SOLVED] 3 BSODs in 3 days (Never had one for 2 years)

    I built my computer about 2 years ago and I have never had any problems, let alone a BSOD. Randomly 3 days ago I was playing CS:GO and I got my first BSOD, and since then I have gotten a BSOD while playing CS:GO every day since then (So up to 3 days in a row now). The error for the first BSOD I...
  11. L

    Question asrock ab350m pro4 Ram issue

    My ASRock AB350M Pro4 motherboard is still giving me IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL as an error unless I remove one stick of RAM, even after I replaced the motherboard. Parts List
  12. K

    Question which 27 inch as secondary

    so i want a secondary monitor. needs to be 27 inch, 2560x1440 mainly for watching movies, youtube and some image edit, just as a hobby. So im thinking IPS panels. and needs to have VESA for mounting. does anyone have some experience and rekommandations? im not interrested in have the same as my...
  13. 3

    My MOTHERBOARD won't configure my new CPU

    I have GA-PA65-UD3-B3 MOBO and it's updated to the latest bios version last year i had i3 cpu and i changed it to i5 and it worked fine but the problem is i have i7-3770 CPU and it's new but i got stuck in bootloop after changing to it so i reset cmos but still no luck so i tried to see if my...
  14. 2

    Asus Rog Strix X370-F Gaming Motherboard randomly not detecting SATA drives.

    For some odd reason, the motherboard in my computer, an Asus Rog Strix X370-F Gaming, will not detect certain SATA drives, like my SSD and HDD at completely random times. When this happens, the computer boots straight into BIOS, and I have to keep restarting the computer until said drives...
  15. P

    How to remove a dual boot without EasyBCD.

    I setup a dual boot with windows 7 and windows 10. I messed up my windows 7 so I need to remove it and reinstall. I know you can remove it with EasyBCD but I have windows 7 pro and I'd have to pay $30 to use the software that supports pro windows.
  16. I

    Will an fx-9370 bottleneck a gtx 970?

    I'm looking at a second hand PC with an fx 9370 and a gtx 970, and I want to know if the cpu will bottleneck the gpu? Also, the seller says that he is running the cpu on an asus m5a97 r2? I thought that you couldn't run them on anything but a 990fx.
  17. S

    Computer chasis/cabinet sometimes gives shock!

    Very new PC,Mobo-Gigabyte,PSU-Corsair 550W.Sometimes,when the metal back panel is touched,it gives shock.Sometimes it dosen't.Checked with a tester,it showed +ve when touched at metal back panel,the plate on which the mobo sits.But it showed neutral when touched on PSU's metal body.Why is this...
  18. S

    old windows 7 hdd inaccessible

    Hi Folks. I'm new on here so go easy. I have a moderate knowledge of computing but haven't been able to sort this problem. If there's a solution somewhere on here please point me to right direction. My windows 7 laptop hdd went pop so I installed a new one no problem. However, i'm trying to...
  19. W

    upgrade Apple laptop memory

    I have a 2009 MacbookPro with two 2GB cards. 1067mhz DDR3. I have two 4GB 1866 cards from a newer exchange. Can I use the 1866 cards in the 2009? It can handle the 8GB total. Intel i5 2.8 core II duo processor. Thanks.
  20. G

    Pre built gaming PC (UK)

    Hi all, What do you think of the following pre built pc: Seems like quite a good deal for the parts involved. I would appreciate any comments about the quality of the parts.
  21. U

    Will this system stay cool for a full day of gaming

    CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor ($266.00 @ CPL Online) CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU Cooler ($39.00) Motherboard: MSI Z97-Gaming 3 ATX LGA1150 Motherboard ($179.00) Memory: G.Skill Sniper Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1866 Memory...
  22. C

    Will my cpu bottle neck a 660

    Hey all, just got a new computer after my apartment flooded. I don't play games a lot so I am not too worried but I managed to salvage a working GTX 660 from my old(er) computer. I currently have the AMD A10-6700 with at HD 8670D integrated. I want to know if my GTX 660 will be bottle necked by...